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re: awakenings

"...Welcome to awakenings. I've collected notes about ideas, experiences, and realities that are important to me."

With this tagline I've published for over twelve years, although there have been few updates lately as I venture into other web vehicles or drop offline (creatively) under the press of minor distractions such as earning a living.

In addition to sharing with whoever various "ideas, experiences, and realities" -- which can include somewhat the mundane and personal -- "awakenings" was always conceived as a place that would reflect my spiritual pursuits as well. So some of this content is strictly serious and non-personal; other, highly personal.  In the end, it is a place primarily for self expression, in the sense of positive sharing.  Enjoy.

See Links section for other sites where I'm active on the web.

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Things Ebook


One of my current passions is a sideline career in ebook publishing, which I've been pursuing since I bought my first Sony Reader several years ago.  (How I came to buy it is another story.)  Over the last few years I've been publishing ebooks, mostly for the Amazon Kindle, also directly at

In the late fall of 2009 I began work on a project to allow conversion of Google books ebooks directly to the Kindle format.  It uses the Calibre tool to do the conversion -- you upload the Google book to the site, and it forwards the converted book to your Kindle.  See  You may also enjoy my occassional blog postings at blitzes at bltcpress.


Steiner and Gurdjieff

A note in response to a query by a visitor to this site respecting Steiner's attitude to Gurdjieff. As the teachings of each man were vast and all encompassing, I'm constrained here by assuming a familiarity on the part of the reader with something of each of them.

They were both contemporary public figures so it is a certainty that they would have known of each other, and they were in reasonably close geographical proximity. It has been suggested in some anthroposophical circles that Steiner was reported to have spoken against Gurdjieff. There is a perhaps apocryphal story kicking around that Gurdjieff visited the Goetheanum once, and was ejected by Steiner. This is only third hand hearsay (as far as I know), however. (I have latterly heard a perhaps more authoritative version that describes the meeting as having taken place and been on more cordial terms of mutual recognition but also a recognition of different missions.)

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Liver Transplant: the Easy Way and the Hard Way

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A Personal Account, with some random notes on organ allocation policy, as well as a few musings and meditations for candidates and recipients...

What follows is an account of my experiences during the years from 1993 to 1998, coping with the onset of End Stage Liver Disease subsequent to Hepatitis C, and the two Liver Transplants I consequently received. It is offered primarily for the benefit of others who are about to tread this path; also for anyone wishing to educate themselves about transplantation in general from a more or less personal point of view.

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