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Artefakt Past events

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Artefakt - Mixmag podcast

Artefakt - Mixmag podcast

Artefakt Biography

Music for the mind, waves for the dancefloor. Artefakt is a collaboration between Dutch producers Robin Koek and Nick Lapien that share a love for melancholic, hypnotic voodoo music.

Joining their perspectives in a meticulous, hands-on working method, the two bring a balanced and hypnotizing sound to the club. Be it in the form of a dj set or their full- fledged hardware live set crystallizing in the mind and oscillating the body. What sets Artefakt apart is combination of musical material, atmosphere and groove, captivating your spirit, whether you are listening quietly on headphones, or you hear the music pounding from a 10 foot tall PA at a rave.

Artefakt treats techno as an artform rather than a musical genre exploring a scope that surpasses functional dancefloor-tools and bangers. Combining high art and underground culture stemming from the uncompromising squatting scene whilst practicing musique concrete tape improvisations in galeries and musea. This merging of worlds manifests in a versatile nature that is audible in the narrative selection of tracks and dj-sets.

The duo emerged with their first track 'Mirror Society' back in 2012 on Field Records, the Dutch label known by electronic connaisseurs and heads across the globe. Making a strong impression with this epic debut of their catalogue, receiving praise for its narrative and sound sculptural qualities. 'Mirror Society' would give a first glimpse into their now well-established trademark sound consisting of a layered, textured and atmospheric approach to techno.

Keeping a close relationship with the Field imprint the duo followed with multiple tracks on V.A.'s and compilations over the years following slowly emerging in the scene. 2014 initated a new path in their release history as their heavy-weight off-beat work 'Twilit' got featured on Prologue, the German label well-known for it's hypnotic sound. After featuring tracks on different like-minded labels in 2015 their first full EP 'The Fifth Planet' was published on the legendary Dutch imprint Delsin Records. Receiving global praise and support from the scene, the EP was succeeded with 'The Mental Universe EP' marking their new home on the Dutch label. 2017 again sees Artefakt returning and redefining themselves as their first album 'Kinship' is bound to be released on Delsin Records.
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