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Manic Brothers Past events

Manic Brothers Sets

Awakenings Podcast #014 - Manic Brothers

Awakenings Podcast #014 - Manic Brothers

Manic Brothers Biography

At both a first and second glance, you could probably not tell these Swedish techno twins apart. Mats and Niclas - twin brothers born within 23 minutes of each other - make quite the impression behind the decks being a solid reflection of one another. The name “Manic” initially stems from them together being called “Maniclas” because of their friends not being able to tell them apart growing up, a name that is now more suitable to describe the feeling they infuse in their sound. Letting their true passion for the genre shine through in their productions, they create material played to please. Their tracks ave been played at major techno events all over the world, heard from the decks of Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Dustin Zahn and many more. With current and upcoming releases on Drumcode and a feeling for techno that is unquestionable, Manic Brothers will leave a significant mark on the scene of electronic music going forth.

Starting at the age of 10, nailing mixes on two tape recorders through the volume controls, the techno trail for these twin brothers has been straight and one way. In 2008 the brothers started producing for real, and it was the ache for techno that dominated right from the start.  Since then, Manic Brothers have been influenced by the massive tunes and settings found in major techno events around the world. Their sound is much inspired by the massive settings of the big rooms such as Awakenings and Time Warp, together with influences from the European underground scene
found in Berghain and Tresor.

During recent years they have teamed up with big names, promoting the Swedish techno scene. With
bookings like Paul Ritch, Joey Beltram, Joel Mull, Psyk, Thomas Krome and Samuel L. Session, they have shown evidence of a true taste in style and a genuine passion for the techno genre. Manic Brothers’ sound is characterized by the dark and rigid with booming kicks, yet embodied by a melodic
rhythm, and with a Manic tone vividly distinguished. When at gigs, they deliver with the ability of reading the room, always making sure that the crowd enjoys the hours as much as they do. They have already been seen behind the decks in Sweden, Norway, Miami, and Mexico and are sure to thrill masses in a number of venues ahead. With current and upcoming releases on renowned techno label Drumcode, including Moving Forward and a yet to be named EP, the Manic Brothers are two twin brothers sure to be seen and heard, being a palpable part of the techno scene.
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