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Gabriel Chamorro Past events

Gabriel Chamorro Biography

The from origin Dutch Paraguayan DJ and producer Gabriel Chamorro, got in touch with music at a very young age. Mainly due to the influence of his father, who is a producer of Latin music. He immediately fell in love with music, but he didn’t really have a chance to express and convert his ideas into music because of the lack of experience at that time.

The only thing he could do was mess around with his Roland E-66, which he got for his birthday at the age of 8. He kept listening to music, but the idea of making his own music never really left his mind.

Gabriel got older, and at the age of 13 he decided to ask his father to learn him some things about producing music. His father learned him how to use the DAW, Nuendo. He noticed that Gabriel was a quick learner. ‘’Very ambitious and motivated’’. He received his first personal computer at that time. With these tools in combination with Nuendo, nothing could stop him anymore. He did not want to focus on one genre, so he decided to get into all kinds of music. A friend of him helped Gabriel on his journey to find more music. He got into Techno, Deep House, Detroit House, Detroit Techno, Jazz, Trance, Electro, Drum And Bass etc.

The husband of his aunt, Willem Baars (Owner of Treshold Bookings) rediscovered his talent a few years later, and took him under his wings. This resulted in a one time collaboration with one of Willems artists, Richard Gatling, who made the track ‘’Can You Feel It’’ together with Gabriel.

Gabriel kept producing and producing, and he started placing some of his work online. It didn’t take long before people started showing their interest. Baalsaal Records even contacted him personally. He realised that music was his life, and that he wants to make music for a living, for the rest of his life.

Gabriel is currently studying sound design in Arnhem, The Netherlands, where he is improving his skills, expanding his knowledge, and preparing himself for a career as a producer and DJ.

Stay tuned...
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