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Stephan de Wit Past events

Stephan de Wit Biography

The blind dj /producer Stephan de Wit is the oldest part of the twin brothers Stephan & Vincent de Wit.

The blind dj /producer Stephan de Wit is the oldest part of the twin brothers Stephan & Vincent de Wit. During his youth Stephan became interested in al kinds of music. Once Stephan was 12 years old (in 1990) he started to make mix compilations by recording samples on tape. Furthermore during this years Stephan searched for new sounds which - at that time - mostly were published on vinyl. Therefore in 1994 Stephan de Wit started buying vinyl’s to obtain the sounds which he could not find in regular music stores. In addition, the next step was to mix these records to create new techno sounds with it.

Since 1997 Stephan de Wit is successfully performing as a dj and developing new music related initiatives in the Dutch Techno scene, which initiatives have leaded to performances at big and prestigious Dutch Techno-events. From 1999 until 2008 Stephan and Vincent de Wit organised their techno party Underground Beats and in 2006 they started two record labels to provide the Dutch Techno scene with their pure techno sound. Furthermore Stephan de Wit started to make techno tracks and to produce his own techno sound. As a result of that in 2006 Stephan debuted with a track, called Whitewash, on vinyl at the record label Audio Assault Arms, which directly became a dance floor killer. After this first cut a lot of other releases, such as at the famous label Planet Rhythm, have followed and collaborations with al other artists have arisen to the service. For example the techno twins have done some release projects together with Dillon & Gurzt (Argentina), Go Hiyama (Japan), Pig and Dan (Spain), Seph (Argentina), Staffan Linzatti (Sweden) and a lot more.

Nowadays Stephan is co-owner of Wit- and Zwart Recordings, is also producing records and is playing at the best parties and festivals around. Independent if this man is playing a warming up or closing techno set you can always expect mathematical long mixes with deep or hard techno which is going like the rhythm of a train. It is this specific sound which a lot of people like and makes Stephan de Wit one of the best there is!
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