Weekend ticket sale

Summer Festival

Please continue reading to discover how to claim your ticket for Awakenings Summer Festival 2022.

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Timeline ticket sale WEEKEND TICKETS


The Saturday and Sunday 1-day tickets will go on sale within a few weeks.

2 types of weekend tickets

1. Weekend ticket - Campsite - Bring your own tent

  • This ticket gives access to the festival + campsite from Friday 29 till Sunday 31 July.
  • When you buy the ticket, you need to choose between a spot on the Grand Camping or the Relax Resort.
  • A weekend ticket costs 220,- euro (incl 20,- service fee).
  • You can buy 4 tickets per person.
  • If you want to visit the weekend, but do not actually stay at the campsite, you will also have to buy this ticket. We do not sell weekend tickets without campsite.

2. Weekend ticket - Pre-set up tent / cottage or safari tents. (very limited capacity)

  • This ticket gives access to the festival + campsite from Friday till Sunday.
  • There are many options and therefore the prices vary starting from 300,- euro per person (incl. entrance to the festival).
  • All prices shown include accommodation + 1 weekend ticket. You can add more weekend tickets while booking.
  • Your parking ticket, city tax and deposit are not yet included in the package price.
  • Prices shown are per person and based on maximum occupation of the most basic accommodation option of this category. So if a cottage is for 4 persons and you will only stay with 3 persons, you will pay more per person.

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An overview of the festival & campsite options