Awakenings Summer Festival - Sleep over options

For the first time in Awakenings history, you will be able to stay the night at our Festival. We will party for 3 days, so make sure to get a spot at our campsite or book one of our accommodations!

To get the complete experience, we are offering the 3 day weekend tickets only including a spot on the campsite or with one of our accommodations. So it's only possible to visit the festival for 3 days and 3 nights, or to buy a ticket for 1 day; Saturday or Sunday.

The festival on Friday and our campsite is only accessible for visitors with a 3 day weekend ticket.

We have divided the campsite into 2 areas; The Grand Camping and the Relax Resort. See descriptions for the different areas below.

Get the most out of your weekend and stay with us!
Please be aware that some accommodations have limited availability.

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Grand Camping

The Grand Camping is the main camping, situated on the east side of the lake. Here you can find "bring your own" camping, cottages and safari tents as well as some of our pre-setup tents.

This area is a wooded existing campground with sanitary facilities. It is located within walking distance of the campground.
You will also find "Awakenings Village" at the Grand Camping, full of bars, food, shops, and entertainment.

Find your peace on one of the beaches, challenge your friends in the game zone or relax at your own tent with a cold one!

Relax Resort

The Relax Resort is situated on the west side of the festival, a bit closer to the festival entrance.

Here you can book one of our Resort accommodations, a pre-setup tent, or one of the more luxury lodges.

Energize yourself at our Awakenings Wellness Area, enjoy the complimentary breakfast and enjoy a calming massage during your stay at the festival. This is only included for pre-setup tents.

The Relax Resort is a quiet area where nature is combined with easiness. We will take care of you!

Our campsite options

Bring your own tent

The real deal! Bring your own tent and gear and stay the night at the Grand Camping.

Pre-set up tents

Take it easy and book a pre-setup tent with beds at the Grand Camping or at the Relax Resort. Multiple options between 1 - 10 persons.

Cottages and Safari tents

Choose an accommodation at the Grand Camping or the Relax Resort. We have options from 3 - 14 persons.

bedroom Awakenings Summer Festival - Sleep over FAQ

What are the rules and regulations of the campsite?
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What are the opening hours of our campsite?
Opening hours campsite
Friday 29 July - Monday 1 August

Relax Resort:
Bring your own and Pre-set up: Friday 12:00 - Monday 10:00
Cottages and Safari tents: Friday 16:00 - Monday 12:00

Grand Camping:
Bring your own and Pre- set up: Friday 12:00 – Monday 10:00
Cottages and Safari tents: Friday 15:00 – Monday 10:00

Camping location
The campsite is located at the Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. The campsite is directly at the festival grounds.

Navigation address:
Grand Camping:
Relax Resort:
Program at the campsite
Ofcourse we will have multiple activities at the campsite! You can only enter the campsite with your weekend wristband.
What can we bring to the campsite?
Please see our house rules, click here.
Are you allowed to leave the campsite?
It’s only allowed to leave the campsite in case of emergency.
Showers and toilets
Our campsite is equipped with flush toilets and hot showers. You can use them 24/7.
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You can bring your own food.

Open fires, camping stoves and BBQs are not allowed. We’ll make sure that there are enough food trucks available to fit any appetite.
Camping store
We have multiple stores where you can buy food, drinks, camping necessities and hygiene spullen products.
Lockers on the campsite
We provide plenty of lockers for everyone. The weekend-lockers are situated at the festival entrance and are accessible 24/7. You can buy your locker online or at the festival. If you order your locker online, your locker-code will be sent to you via mail the day before the event.
Camp as if it was meant to be: there’s no electricity available near your tent. That’s why we ask you to leave your computers and big sound sets at home. At the showers, there are sockets available for hair straighteners, blowdryers and shavers.

You can purchase a portable charger nearby the information desk.

All pre-set up tents at the Relax Resort have electricity, as well as all cottages and safari tents.
Sprays are not allowed. Please bring a roll-on deodorant roller and sunscreen.
Large items
Please note that the entrance gates are 90 centimeter wide, you can’t bring carts wider than that.
First aid
There will be a first aid at the festival as well as on the campsite. Please do not hesitate to visit them for any questions.
Bring your medication
You are allowed to bring your medication in combination with an official doctor’s note, this will be checked at the entrance.
Breast pump station
Bring your breast pump to our First aid stand for a private place to pump and store.
Celebrate safe and life
Party safe! Our Celebrate Safe stand is there for you, you will find them at the festival grounds. If you have a question, need any support or you need advice do not hesitate to visit them.
Leave no trace principle
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