Breakfast menu

Relax Resort

Welcome to Awakenings Summer Festival 2023!

All pre-setup tent packages include a delicious breakfast.
View below what's on the menu.
The menu is 100% vegetarian.

Pick up: Relax Resort Reception - Breakfast Bar
Pick-up time: 09:00 - 12:00

Please bring the breakfast voucher!

Breakfast on Saturday

Breakfast burrito
Whole wheat tortilla, redefine meat pulled beef, Tomato salsa, Spinach, coleslaw flavored with chipotle & lime.

Overnight Oats

With pea milk, blueberry & vanilla.

Fresh organic juice

Selection of fruit

- gluten: tortilla, redefine meat
- Lactose: chipotle mayonaise
- Selery: seasoning redefine meat
- Nightshade: tomato
- Soy: Redefine meat, overnight oats
- Soy: Pesto mayonaise

Breakfast on Sunday

Egg Sandwich
Italian focaccia, egg omelette, Italian pesto mayonaise, Tomato & Rocket salad.

Yoghurt & Granola
Yoghurt, granola, red fruit & lemon.

Fresh organic juice

Selection of fruit

- gluten: Focaccia
- Lactose: Pesto mayonaise
- Nuts: Granola, Pesto
- Nightshade: Tomato