Bring your own tent

Bring your own tent

The real campsite experience as you should experience it together with your friends. Bring your own tent to the festival, pick a spot and enjoy Awakenings Summer Festival to the fullest!
A "bring your own" ticket gives you access to the festival grounds and the grand campsite where many special things are about to happen!

Leave no trace!

Often at festival campsites, thousands of tents and other camping equipment are left behind, which leaves a great environmental impact on our planet. We do our best to decrease our ecological footprint and protect our surroundings, so we kindly ask you to take care of your used camping equipment after the party’s over.

We have partnered up with Sheltersuit, a foundation who recycles sleeping bags to coats for the homeless. The Sheltersuit is a wind- and waterproof coat that can be transformed into a sleeping bag.

Sheltersuit will be active at the campsite during the weekend for more information. They will collect all leftover sleeping bags and will take it to their atelier, where people with a gap to the labour market are transforming the sleepings bags to jackets.

Click here for more information on our collaboration.
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