Sunday August 23 2020

Awakenings FCKNG SERIOUS by Boris Brejcha (Outdoor)

14:00 - 23:00 at De Ven, Velsen-Zuid
Ticket sale has started
On Sunday August 23 we present Awakenings | FCKNG Serious by Boris Brejcha at a beautiful new green festival site near Amsterdam.
Accompanied by Ann Clue, Deniz Bul and Theydream, Boris Brejcha will present his signature sound on the Sunday. Fans already experienced his sold out all-nighter during Amsterdam Dance Event in 2019 where he hosted his label night at the Warehouse Elementenstraat.


Want to stay over? Book an overnight stay in one of our selected hotels. You can book your hotel with or without an entrance ticket to the event. (Only when still available)
Boris Brejcha on stage

laugh 17 Frequently asked questions

What are the rules and regulations of the festival?
• Bring your happy face!
• Age 18 + (don't forget your ID).
• Always follow the instructions of our staff, security, parking and emergency services personnel.
• Always respect other visitors, no (sexual) harassment will be tolerated.
• No pets, fireworks, weapons and sharp or dangerous objects are allowed.
• No drugs are allowed, so all hard drugs, pills, powders, liquids, mushrooms and n2o (nitrous oxide/laughing gas) are forbidden.
• Security will thoroughly search everybody before and during the event.
• If hard drugs are found you will be removed from the festival and might be handed over to the police.
• Soft drugs like hash & weed are also not allowed at the festival (only tolerated in coffee shops & Gashouder).
• It's not allowed to bring food / drinks.
• Camera surveillance and metal detectors are part of our security program for your and our safety.
• Selfie sticks, professional photo / film / video / audio equipment are not allowed. Standard digital cameras / phones are allowed.
• Club oriented football shirts / stickers with offending lyrics / symbols etc. are not allowed.
• Football shirts of national teams are allowed. Please keep your shirt on. Masks are not allowed.
• No smoking in the tents.
• Smoking on the outdoor stages is allowed.
• We have the right to refuse admittance without restitution of entrance fees.
• Access is at your own risk; if you feel uncomfortable or if you want ear protection, go to the Emergency Room / First Aid.
• It's forbidden to have commercial activities in and around the festival area, without agreement of the organisation.
• Large flags / inflatable objects / Balloons are not allowed.
• No entrance after 20:00 and no re-entrance after leaving the festival.
Till what time can I enter the festival?
No entrance after 20:00 and no re-entrance after leaving the festival.
Can I buy tickets at the entrance?
When an event is sold out, you cannot buy tickets at the entrance.
I lost my ticket, what should I do?
Please try to search for 'Paylogic' in your inbox and also check your spam folder.
If this doesn't get you any results, please go to, so we can resend your ticket(s) and/or confirmation e-mail to your mail address.
Will there be lockers available and what are the measurements?
Yes! You can buy your locker ticket online before the event. The e-ticket will be scanned at the festival and this will avoid waiting at the locker desk.
You can also buy a locker at the festival.
The locker measurements are:
Standard: H22*B25*D50 cm (for 1 or 2 friends)
Large: H36*B25*D50 cm (for 2 or 3 friends)
I've added Booking Protect to my order, how does this work?
From the 11th of March we have added a new service to our shop for our summer specials. We will implement this service in the future for all our events. If you have added refund protection to your order, this means a maximum amount of € 2000,- per order is protected. Check out the terms & conditions here.

If you would like to apply for a refund, click here.
For questions regarding your Refund Protection, please contact Booking Protect at

car front How to get there

The easiest way to get to the festival is to take the train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

Avoid the taxis and take one of our many shuttle busses to and from the festival for only €11,00!
Get your NS train tickets
These buses operate between Amsterdam Sloterdijk railway station and the festival. The first buses depart at 12:00 CEST on Saturday and 13:00 CEST on Sunday. They will continue driving to and from throughout the duration of the festival.
A return ticket between Sloterdijk and the festival costs €11,00 in pre-sale. (15 euro on location) It is easy to buy bus tickets directly in our ticketshop.
Leaving the event
For your return trip back to Amsterdam Sloterdijk, keep in mind that there can be a short wait for the shuttle buses at the bus stop. Also be aware that it will take extra time gathering your things from the lockers and walking to the bus stop.
At the shuttle bus station are no special facilities for disabled. However, the shuttle buses are accessible for disabled. It is recommended to arrive as early as possible and to avoid traveling at peak hours.
Note: these buses only go to Amsterdam Sloterdijk.
Parking tickets are available in our ticketshop. Parking for one day costs € 15,00 in pre-sale. (20 euro on location)
Address: Laaglandersluisweg, Velsen-Zuid
Turn off the navigation system from the moment you see the first yellow sign or mobile information system. The police and traffic controllers see on strict parking. Avoid the police from towing your vehicle.
Keep your parking ticket ready on arrival for registration.
In case you need to park near the festival because you are disabled, please let us know.
You can buy a special parking ticket and show it together with your own disabled parking permit to our parking crew. If possible, they will arrange a parking place near the event. A place near the entrance cannot be guaranteed.
With your disabled parking card, you get the most optimal parking at that time. When the parking is closed for other traffic the disabled parking ticket grants you access.
Note: this is not free parking. Please send an email to to get your ticket link.
The festival can easily be reached by bike and has a special bike parking close to the entrance.
Plan your bike route
Address: Laaglandersluisweg, Velsen-Zuid
NOTE: don't forget to remove your bike before Monday 24th of August. On Monday all the fences will be removed and all remaining obstructing bikes will be removed as well. Locks will get cut and costs are not refunded to you.
Busses from outside of Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany eo.
Our travel partner for busses from Netherlands and Belgium is Festival Transfer.
Click here to view their options for Saturday (Drumcode).
Click here for their options on Sunday (Boris Brejcha).

Organizing your own bus trip to the event?
We foster our guests to come by bus instead of separate cars. Therefore, parking the bus near the festival won't cost you anything. Please let us know you are coming with a private (touring-)bus and fill out a form by clicking here. After filling out the form, we will sent you all the information 1 week before the festival.