Awakenings Easter Festival 2022

Ticket sale

Get ready!

You need to be logged in with your Awakenings account to complete your order in our ticketshop. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one.

When you open the link to the ticketshop on Tuesday, make sure you are on the same device as you have used to login or create an account, to ensure you are logged in automatically for the ticket sale.

To prepare for the ticket sale


  • The majority of our Festival 2020 ticket owners chose to keep their ticket for Easter Festival 2022. Therefore, we expect to sell out tickets soon.
  • When you open your personal link, you will get in the queue, this is your unique spot, it has no use opening multiple screens.
  • You can buy a max of 2 tickets per type.
  • Your personal link will allow you to complete 1 order. After 1 order the link will become invalid.
  • If you want to enter a voucher code, please make sure you have your voucher code ready.
  • You can enter 1 voucher at the payment page, before you select your payment method.

FAQ ticket sale

How does the voucher work?
You will receive an email containing the electronic voucher code. The email will contain information on the exact fulfillment.

You can submit the voucher code during the check-out process. The voucher will remain valid until December 31, 2022 and can be used for all upcoming Awakenings events.
I have chosen to exchange my Festival / Easter Gashouder 2020 ticket to a voucher, but I have not received my voucher yet.
You will receive your voucher code on Monday, 29th of November between 9:00 - 12:00 CET. Please check your spam box, it's send by Paylogic.

If you haven't received it after this time, please send an email to with your order number.
I want to exchange my ticket to a voucher or refund
You can use this Paylogic tool.
Deadline is Sunday 28th, 23:59
I have a ticket for Awakenings Festival 2020 and I would like to receive a refund, not a voucher.
No problem, please be aware that if you refund your order, you will not get priority access to the ticketsale anymore and the chance is small you will be able to get tickets for Awakenings Festival 2022.

Please send an email to and
mention in your email:
- Name of event
- The paylogic order code
- Email you did the original purchase with
How does the 48 hour priority access work?
All Awakenings voucher owners, will be the first to have access to the ticketshop, for 48 hours, before the shop is opened for everyone who pre-registered.

On the day the ticket sale starts, you will get your own personal link to the ticketshop by email. This link allows access to the shop.

You can buy 2 tickets per person, same as in 2020.
You can only complete 1 order.
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