Voucher information

Thank you for choosing to change your ticket for a voucher.

You have received the amount of your order (including service fee) as an electronic voucher in an email from Paylogic.
In the ticketshop, you can enter multiple voucher codes at the checkout page, before choosing your payment option.

Please note: if you abandon this checkout process after entering your code, your code will become inactive for approximately 30 minutes. Please try again after this time.

The vouchers are valid till 1-03-2023 and can be used for all Awakenings events.

ticket 76 FAQ

How does the voucher work?
You have received an email from Paylogic, containing the electronic voucher. The email will contain information of the exact fulfillment. If you would like to purchase tickets for another Awakenings event, you can submit the voucher code during the check-out process in our ticketshop. The voucher will remain valid until December 31, 2022 and can be used for all upcoming Awakenings events.
What will the amount of the voucher be?
The amount of the voucher will be equal to your order plus ticket fees (excluding merchandise, shipment costs and insurance). If you have bought your ticket through Ticketswap, the amount will be the amount of the order as placed on ticketswap.
Until when will the voucher be valid?
The voucher will be valid until March 1, 2023.
Do I have to spend the amount of the voucher all at once?
You will receive a voucher for the total order amount of your order, for example 100,- euro.
If you spend 60,- euro on a new ticket, for example for one of our NYE events, after you have completed that order, you will receive a new voucher with the remaining amount of 40,- euro.
If you then buy a next ticket which is 50,- euro, you can enter the voucher and will have to pay the remaining amount of 10,- euro extra with your creditcard, Paypal or iDeal.