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The Youngsters Past events

The Youngsters Biography

The Youngsters Intro: Gilles Escoffier, also known as Gil le Gamin, is a DJ since 1988. In 1993 he became involved in national events ( MCM Night, Dragon Ball, D.Mention...). In 1995 he opened his 

The Youngsters Intro: Gilles Escoffier, also known as Gil le Gamin, is a DJ since 1988. In 1993 he became involved in national events ( MCM Night, Dragon Ball, D.Mention...). In 1995 he opened his own record shop, Z'Appies Records in Montpellier, and started to produce his own music alongside Ultracolor, another rising artist who later established Scandium Records. Whilst performing abroad for the first time ( Spain, Switzerland, Canada...), Gil formed an event-organizing enterprise in 1997 - Happy People at Work - and coordinated about twenty major events in the south of France in the timespan of two years... In 1998 he established his own label G-Funk, and after his encounter with Olivier M the adventure of The Youngsters began under that same label. 

Olivier Mateu, also known as Olivier M was introduced to music at the age of 6, when he started classical piano lessons. By the end of the 80's he became familiar with the electronic sounds of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre...and it's revelation : these sounds and the way they are created mix music and science - his two equally deep passions - perfectly. Olivier started trying out his first synthesizer on his own in the beginning of 1990 and, at the same time, discovered LFO, Inner City, Laurent Garnier and other pioneers of 'electronic groove'. He then took a close interest in alternative and experimental music through the work of Pierre Henry or Stockhausen, and there he discovered ways and methods of manipulating raw and revolutionary sound effects that would influence him deeply, even today. This is how, for several years, he worked his way up to his first productions, in his student bedsit along with a very rudimentary musical equipment. 
In 1999 he encountered Gil in his record shop and let him listen to some of his work. The chemistry was right, and they started working together at once. Their first, "Deep Inside", title is G-Funk's third production, it was a big success - thanks to the support of a number of international DJ's. 

This promising success was used by the two musicians to develop the label and to express their deep and mutual love for techno originating from Detroit. In this music their respective influences perfectly combine cold electronic groove and warm soul. The following title ensue : "Sampler EP", "In Charly We Trust EP", "A Different Theory EP", under the label G-Funk, and "Three hours in Barcelona EP", on the French label Tekmics. Their live performances also contribute to their growing success, by allowing them to communicate their music to the audience. These concerts combine all the heat and energy of "rock" concerts, with atmospheres, rythms and perfectly re-mastered electronic colors. 

During 2000, after meeting Laurent Garnier, they started working on another project, trying to find new artistic directions and expanding their horizons to other more "down-tempo" styles. They then contact and sign-up with the label F-Communications, the first French label of electronic music. This represented a turning point in their career, and one which allowed them to reach a wider audience with their music, a series of EPs ( "Spanish Harlem EP", "Illogique EP", "End EP", "Abusive Melody EP" ), videos, and an album in 2001 "LemonOrange" in witch we discover other aspects of their talent. 

They appeared in all the main international events such as the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, 10 Days Of Techno in Belgium, T in the Park in Scotland, Time Warp in Germany...as well in renowned clubs : The End and Fabric in London, The Rex and the 4Sans in France, The Zouk in Singapore, The Arches in Glasgow, Florida 135 in Spain, Cream in Liverpool... 
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