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We return to the Gashouder during ADE with 7 epic editions! Awakenings Festival 2018 is almost sold out! The timetable of Awakenings Festival 2018 Saturday is here! Timetable Awakenings Festival 2018 Sunday released Awakenings Festival 2018 These are the timetables for our Easter Specials: This was Awakenings Eindhoven 2018 This was Awakenings Eindhoven 2018
Awakenings New Years Day Special Last tickets Awakenings Early New Years Special by night We present four massive line-ups for our Easter Specials! Awakenings & Time Warp present Connect Awakenings Eindhoven 2018 announced Awakenings presents 4 New Years Specials! Last tickets Awakenings x Paul Kalkbrenner presents Back to the Future Last tickets Awakenings x Klockworks present Photon Awakenings by Day is almost sold out Awakenings presents 7 ADE Specials Thank you for coming Awakenings Festival 2017 is live Awakenings Festival 2017 is completely sold out Awakenings Festival 2017 is almost sold out! LAST COMBI-TICKETS AWAKENINGS FESTIVAL 2017 Last tickets Awakenings 20Y Anniversary Night 1 available Awakenings top 20 techno tracks of all time The ultimate top 100 Awakenings techno tracks Awakenings 20th anniversary Line-up Awakenings Festival 2017 released Last tickets 20 years Specials - Night 3 Last tickets Awakenings Eindhoven available Awakenings Hotel Deals Release Awakenings 20 Year Anniversary parties & book Release timetable Awakenings Eindhoven Last tickets for Awakenings New Years Day Special Awakenings New Years Eve Special almost sold out Thank you ADE 2016 20 years of Awakenings Live stream Be-at.tv Awakenings ADE Specials Release Awakenings Eindhoven Our new app is available Awakenings presents 3 New Years Specials Final tickets Awakenings ADE Specials on sale now Tickets running low: Awakenings x Len Faki presents Figure Nacht Timetables Awakenings ADE Specials announced Awakenings Festival 2016 live report Awakenings presents 5 ADE Specials Create your personal timetable for Awakenings Festival 2016! Dixon added to the line-up of Awakenings Festival Awakenings Festival 2016 is getting closer and closer! Exclusive podcast for Awakenings Festival 2016 Awakenings New Years Day Special Awakenings New Years Day Special Awakenings Eindhoven Awakenings Good Friday Special Awakenings Easter Special by Night Awakenings Easter Special by Day
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Are there still any tickets available?

Yes, tickets are still available through our ticket shop for:
• October 17: Awakenings ADE Hard Opening Night
• October 18: Awakenings X Hosting Partner TBA soon!
• October 19: Awakenings X Maceo Plex Presents Mosaic
• October 20: Awakenings X Joris Voorn & Friends
• October 20: Awakenings X Joseph Capriati Invites
• October 21: Awakenings by Day
• October 21: Awakenings X Klockworks Present Photon

Get your tickets here!

Are there any combination tickets available?

We only sell tickets for our shows seperately from eachother, there are no combination tickets available.

Get your tickets here!

What payment methods are possible?

We accept transaction from everyone through Visa and Mastercard.
• For Dutch people it's also possible to pay through iDeal.
• For Belgian people it's also possible to pay through ING Homepay and Bankcontact/Mr. Cash.
• For German people it's also possible to pay through Sofort Uberweisung.

It's not possible to pay in installments!

I lost my ticket! What should I do?

Please try to search for 'Paylogic' in your inbox and also check your spam folder. If this doesn't get you any results, please send an e-mail to cs@paylogic.eu, so we can resend your ticket(s) and/or confirmation e-mail to your mail address.

Somehow I am not able to complete my ticket order.

We're sorry about that and we would love to help you out. Have you tried completing the purchase through another device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) or browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)? Otherwise, please send us an e-mail at cs@paylogic.com with your request.

Can I resell my ticket?

It's NOT allowed and therefore illegal to resell your ticket through unofficial channels/websites etc. If you want to sell or buy tickets safely, do this through the official ticket marketplace: www.ticketswap.nl

Can I buy tickets at the entrance of the Gashouder?

Door sale is only available in case a show hasn't sold out. If you want to assure yourself of a ticket, buy them in advance through our ticket shop!

Get your tickets here!

How to get there

Where can I park my bike?

We’ve built a special bike parking close to the event, address: Gosschalklaan 12. Follow the signs and park your bike there. Bikes parked at other inconvenient places will be removed due to safety regulations. Don’t forget to take your bike home: the bike-parking will be removed shortly after the event and bikes that are still there will be cut loose.

How do I get to the Gashouder by car?

The address of the nearest parking is:

Garage Westerpark
Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, Amsterdam

You can get a parking ticket online for €15,- (see the button below and scroll down to the right event) or buy it at a cashier inside the Gashouder (exchange your online e-ticket at the locker desk at the event). This way you'll avoid paying the full amount of €2,- per 35 minutes at the ticket machines in the garage.

If Garage Westerpark is full, there is Parkbee.com on Haarlemmerweg 504. Only availabe with Parkline or Parkmobile 
Be aware not to leave valuables in your car, thieves with bluetooth trackers seem to be active in the area.

Buy parking tickets

How do I get to the Gashouder by public transport?

Plan your travel with 9292 and be aware that during holidays travelling schedules of public transport may differ from their normal schedules. Check out more info about trains/trams/busses here

Are there any taxis near the venue?

There will be a special taxi-stand near the Gashouder, just follow the signs to get to there. Remember there is a chance fewer taxis are available with Amsterdam Dance Event. And please beware of the illegal "taxi drivers" (called snorders). It's illegal to get in the taxi with them, fines for using them can run very high.

If you want to use Uber, please beware they will stand close to the car park across the street and are not allowed on the taxi-stand at the Gashouder.


Will there be lockers available at the Gashouder?

Yes, there are lockers available at the Gashouder. With the new electronic lockers you will not receive a key, but a code to open it. Advantage: no more returning the key and getting back your deposit (no deposit –paying upfront either).

How does it work?
For €7,- (or big locker €9,-) you’ll get a voucher with your locker number and a secret code. Type in your secret code at your locker and turn the lock. Make sure that no one is watching over your shoulder when you’re typing in your code! Keep your voucher (if you throw it away/lose it, there is a possibility someone else can get access to your personal belongings). Put your belongings safely in the locker and close it (turn the lock). You can open and close the locker as often as you want to.  Reserve your locker now via this button and scroll down to the right event.

Advice: save your number and code on your phone or app/text it to a friend. 

You can buy your locker ticket online before the event. The e-ticket can be scanned at the Gashouder and this will avoid waiting at the Lockerdesk.

Note: the locker code is only valid for 1 event and all lockers will be reprogrammed and emptied between consecutive events.

Reserve via this button

Is smoking allowed in the Gashouder?

Smoking is only allowed in the 2 smoking areas, follow the "smoking signs", no smoking in the Gashouder.
E-smokers are allowed. However, the e-liquids need to be carried in sealed packages. 

Can I bring my medication?

Make sure you bring an official declaration from a doctor. In case of doubt, our First Aid (EMS) will check your medication.

If you want to know more about EMS and what they do click here.

What is EMS?

Is there a special entrance and are there toilets for severely disabled guests?

We have a special entrance for disabled guests and at every toilet group there are toilets available.

Where can I buy tokens?

You will get a free floor plan (including timetable) at the entrance. We have 8 selling units for tokens (you can pay with cash or cards), 2 bars, 1 cocktail bar, 2 toilet-groups, food/ice, cigarettes, smoking areas and of course first aid.

Can I use the same tokens for all seven events?

Unfortunately not, we have different tokens for each event because of safety- and accountant reasons.

What are the opening hours of the events?

The time of every event is listed below. Please note that there will be no more entrance after two hours from the end and no re-entrance after leaving the party! After each show all visitors have to leave, so the venue can be cleaned up. It’s not allowed to stay in the venue if you have tickets for 2 consecutive events.
• Wednesday, October 17: Awakenings ADE Hard Opening Night
22.00 - 08.00
• Thursday, October 18: Awakenings X Hosting Partner TBA soon!
22.00 - 08.00
• Friday, October 19: Awakenings X Maceo Plex Presents Mosaic
22.00 - 08.00
• Saturday, October 20: Awakenings X Joris Voorn & Friends
12.00 - 22.00
• Saturday, October 20: Awakenings X Joseph Capriati Invites
23.30 - 08.00

• Sunday, October 21: Awakenings by Day
12.00 - 22.00
• Sunday, October 21: Awakenings X Klockworks Present Photon
23.30 - 08.00

View timetables

Rules & Regulations Gashouder

What are the rules and regulations of the Gashouder?

  • Bring your happy face.
  • Please print your E-ticket.
  • Age 18+ (don't forget your ID).
  • Always follow the instructions of staff, security and emergency services personnel.
  • Always respect other visitors, no (sexual) harassment will be tolerated.
  • No fireworks/weapons/sharp or dangerous objects are allowed.
  • No drugs are allowed, so all hard drugs, pills, powders, liquids, mushrooms and N20 (nitrous oxide/laughing gas) are forbidden.
  • Hash/weed (<5gr) are tolerated (no pre-rolled joints!) only at our events in Amsterdam Gashouder.
  • Security will thoroughly search everybody before entering or during the event.
  • When hard drugs are found you will be removed from the event and you might be handed over to the police.
  • You're not allowed to bring your own drinks/foods/beverages.
  • Camera surveillance is part of our and your safety.
  • Store your bags and jackets in our lockers
  • No professional photo/film/video/audio equipment nor "selfie-sticks" are allowed. Standard digital cameras are allowed.
  • No football shirts or shirts with offending lyrics/symbols/etc. are allowed. 
  • Please keep your shirt on at our events.
  • No large flags / inflatables obstructing view
  • Smoking is only allowed in the smoking areas, follow the "smoking signs".
  • We have the right to refuse admittance without restitution of entrance fees.
  • Access is at your own risk. If you feel uncomfortable or if you want ear protection, please go to our first aid/EHBO/EMS, they are your friend.
  • No entrance after 06:00 and no re-entrance after leaving the party!

What is the policy on drugs?

No drugs are allowed, so all hard drugs, pills, powders, liquids, mushrooms and N20 (nitrous oxide/laughing gas) are forbidden. Hash/weed (<5gr) are tolerated (no pre-rolled joints!) only at our events in Amsterdam Gashouder. Check out Unity for more drugs info and watch the nice info video (French, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles available). Awakenings, EMS (first aid) and Unity are partners of the "Celebrate Safe" campaign. You can visit the Unity-stand in the chill-out area during most events from 01:00 – 04:00. Be aware your party will be over if security will find any drugs on you.

More about Celebrate Safe

Is it possible to download DJ sets?

It's not possible to download any DJ sets at the moment. You can listen to all available DJ sets on our Soundcloud page.

Soundcloud page

I would like to have Awakenings pictures in my house. Is this possible and how do I get these pictures?

We're sorry, but all our pictures are protected by copyright and can't be used for personal use.


How can I contact you for press-related questions?

For any questions regarding press, you can mail to press@awakenings.nl.

Can I get Awakenings merchandise at the Gashouder?

Yes, there will be a limited amount of Awakenings T-shirts, caps and glasses for sale at the Gashouder. Our merchandise is also available online through our webshop/

Go to the Awakenings webshop

Where can I find photos of the event?

Our own photo team will be present during our 7 ADE Specials to capture all the magical moments. The photos will be available at our website and Facebook page after the event.

Follow our Facebook page

I've lost my belongings at the Gashouder. What can I do?

We will collect all lost properties and upload it into Ilost. Ilost is a digital platform where you can enter the item you’ve lost in the search window or enter the name of the event where you lost your belongings. Here you can regain your belongings.

Things you accidentaly left in your locker can be retrieved at Gashouder during the event days (after prove of entitlement). After the last eventday you can e-mail info@elockers.nl to regain your belongings.

Go to the Awakenings iLost system
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