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What are the opening times of the event?

The event starts at 9:00 PM on Saturday 6th Februray. Last entry will be at 01:00 AM so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Before arriving at the venue please ensure you have printed your rapid scan tickets and have them ready for scanning on the door to ensure ease of access to the event. If you have misplaced your email ticket, please contact your ticketing agent for them to re-send these out to you. Please also note ID is essential for all attendees this event.

What is the search policy?

Everyone is searched on the way in as a condition of entry. This is for us to ensure that no one is carrying anything dangerous into the venue. 

Items which are not allowed into the venue include; Illegal Substances, Alcohol,
Liquids of any sorts – including perfumes/ liquid makeup products/ aerosols/ drinks/ 
glass of any sorts – perfume bottles, glass bottles.
 No food.
 No flares or fireworks, Selfie Sticks, Weapons of any descriptions or replicas.

The search policy will delay queuing slightly so please ensure you arrive early to the event. 

Is there a dresscode?

The dress code is casual, nothing heavily branded and no sportswear. Trainers, jeans, shorts and t-shirts are acceptable. STRICTLY NO TRACKSUITS ALLOWED!

Is it possible to store your belonings?

Yes, we will bring our own electronic lockers to Victoria Warehouse. Here you can store your belongings. It'll save time to buy an e-locker ticket in advance.

If there aren't any lockers available (all are taken), it is possible to store your belongings at the cloakroom. You will pay £2 per item.

Get your E-locker ticket

How do the e-lockers work?

It will save time to buy an e-locker ticket in advance, since you don't have to go to the counter at the venue.

How does it work:

  • Price normal locker GBP 5,50 plus 0,50 fee plus transaction costs (30x24x50cm, 1-3 jackets) 
  • Price big locker GBP 7,50 plus 0,50 fee plus transaction costs (30x35x50cm, 3-5 jackets)
  • You won't pay any deposit (since you won't be using a key)
  • Online presale lockers closes at Friday morning February 5th 11:00On 
  • Friday February 5th you'll get an email from Paylogic with your lockernumber, PINcode & instructions
  • Check your SPAM folder if you did not receive this mail  
  • You don't go to the cloakroom/locker-counter anymore, just straight to your locker to open it with your PINcode 
  • You can share your lockernumber and PINcode with friends
  • When you go home, just pick up your stuff, close the locker and go home: don't go to the Locker-counter
  • To check terms and conditions of renting a locker go to: lockerbox.nl/general-conditions
  • If you have any questions about the lockers, please ask them here: info@lockerbox.nl

Get your E-locker ticket

Rules and regulations

What are rules and regulations at Awakenings Manchester

  • Print your e-ticket
  • Age 18 + (don’t forget your ID, show it at entrance and bars) 
  • Everyone will be frisked on the way in
  • Always follow the instructions of staff, security and emergency services 
  • No (fire) weapons / sharp or dangerous objects 
  • No drugs are allowed
  • No food / beverage / alcohol / liquids of any sort / perfumes / aerosoles / glass objects 
  • No fireworks / flares / weapons / replicas
  • No professional photo / film / video / audio equipment nor selfie-sticks are allowed, but standard digital cameras are
  • No club football shirts or offending lyrics/symbols etc and keep your shirt on. No tracksuits, fashion trainers allowed 
  • Only smoke in the smoking areas
  • We have the right to refuse admittance without restitution of entrance fees
  • Camera surveillance may be part of security for your and our security 
  • Access is at your own risk, if you're not feeling well, go to the First Aid.
  • It is also possible to get your ear protection at the First Aid.

What is the minimum age?

All visitors must be over the 18 years old. We operate with the 25 years policy and refusal system. If you look under 25 years old, the bar staff will ask you to prove you're over 18 years old. Please note you always have to bring your ID and show this if asked for. 

What is the regulation on drugs?

Awakenings and Victoria Warehouse do not condone the use of drugs at their events. As a condition of entry all customers must undertake a search to ensure that no drugs or any other dangerous items are taken within the venue.  We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone found with drugs on their person. 

Police have recently issued a warning about dangerous ecstasy tablets they believe are circulating in the area, which are said to be shield-shaped tablets bearing a lion or griffin logo. Awakenings and Victoria Warehouse are extremely concerned about customers using such drugs.

No drugs are safe, but if you do take drugs please wait for them to take effect before taking more. Mixing drugs with alcohol can also be extremely dangerous. 


What can I do if I don't feel well?

There is a welfare area within the Victoria Warehouse. If you feel or a friend feels at all unwell throughout the night, please come and find a member of the welfare team for help.

Can I pay with cash at the bar?

Please note Victoria Warehouse will be operating a cashless system and all drinks will need to be purchased by tokens. There will be numerous token booths on site to purchase tokens, which will be clearly marked and operating throughout the event.

Please note there will be a minimum purchase of 4 tokens per order. Drinks tokens are non refundable and can only be used at Awakenings on Saturday 6th February at Victoria Warehouse.

I lost some of my belonings, what should I do?

We advise all customers to ensure that they keep their belongings such as phones, ID, wallets, purses on their persons at all times. Victoria Warehouse has a lost property desk based at the cloakroom. If you lose something on the night or if anything is stolen please go to the desk to report it as soon as possible so we can do everything possible to get it back to you. 

We will collect all stuff found during the night. If you didn't get your belonings back at the night of the event, please contact Victoria Warehouse

Email to Victoria Warehouse

Are there facilities for disabled people at Victoria Warehouse?

Disabled visitors are welcome at the Victoria Warehouse. There have been a number of improvements to the original warehouse building to ensure there is disabled access across the whole ground floor area and disabled facilities on site such as disabled toilets in the courtyard and internally near the entrance to the venue.

Please contact us in advance at info@victoriawarehouse.com or call 0161 660 7000 to ensure we can accommodate your needs prior to purchasing tickets.

Contact Victoria Warehouse

What is your advice on the venue?

Please note Victoria Warehouse is a large-scale multi roomed venue, which occasionally can be easy to lose your friends at. We advise you to not make your own way home or leave the venue on your own. Please look out for each other’s welfare at any event.

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