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Can I only order tickets online?

Only buy your tickets at our official sales channel: Awakenings website or for the festival also available at the Awakenings Festival website. This way you will never pay too much and you make sure your tickets are real.

All tickets will be scanned and checked for authenticity at the entrance.

Where can I buy tickets?

Are there still any tickets available?

Awakenings usually sells out in advance. Check the link below and subscribe to our mailing list to be informed about ticket sales.

Get your Awakenings tickets here

What payment methods are possible?

For plain festival tickets we accept transactions from everyone through Visa and Mastercard.
- For Dutch people it is also possible to pay through iDeal.
- For Belgian people it is also possible to pay through ING Homepay and Bankcontact/Mr. Cash.
- For German people it is also possible to pay through Sofort Uberweisung.

It is not possible to pay in installments!

When does the ticket sale start?

This is different for every edition. To be the first to know the latest info & updates about ticket sales (last tickets!): Subscribe to our newsletter!
Also like us on Facebook and get Awakenings news there.

BUT to be the first to get the exclusive news: Subsrcibe to our newsletter!

What's the Facebook page?

Can I still buy tickets if an event is sold-out?

If an event is sold-out, the best way to get hands on a ticket is via Ticketswap. You can buy and sell tickets here.

Know where to buy

Are there group tickets?

We do not sell group tickets.

Which sites are selling fake tickets and/or tickets for insanely high prices?

These are the sites where you should NEVER buy a ticket. These are false!!!!

protickets.nl, budgetticket.nl, onlineticketshop.nl, worldticketshop.nl, ticketstudio.nl, dinotickets.nl, tickets4u.nl, tickets123.nl, QQtickets.nl, ticketunlimited.nl, ticketforsale.nl, tickets2buy.nl, ticketshier.nl, pepetickets.nl, getmein.nl, 4alltickets.nl, tickets4events.nl, easytickets.eu, gogotickets.nl, rang1tickets.nl, deticketservice.nl, aatickets.nl, seatwave.nl, getmein.nl, 24hourtickets.nl, kaartverkoop.nl, eventem.nl, euroteam.net, ltaticketservice.nl, stadiontickets.nl, besteltickets.com, concertkaartjesonline.nl, ticketsmarkt.nl, ticketparadijs.nl, ticketnet.biz, ticketdirect.nl,  ticketstop.nl, ticketsnederland.nl, protickets.nl, giggotickets.nl, ticketloket, 4alltickets.nl, ticketstudio.nl , sterrentickets.nl, ticketshoponline.nl

Please note, this list is constantly updated.

Will there be a ticket sale at the entry?

Awakenings is always sold out in advance! There will be no ticket sale at the door. If you want to be with us, buy your tickets in the presale.

Get your Awakenings tickets here


I've lost my belongings at the Gashouder. What can I do?

We will collect all lost properties and upload it into iLost. iLost is a digital platform where you can enter the item you’ve lost in the search window or enter the name of the event where you lost your belongings. Here you can regain your belongings.

Things you accidentaly left in your locker can be retrieved at Gashouder during the event days (after prove of entitlement). After the last eventday you can e-mail Entropt to regain your belongings.

Go to iLost

What is the policy on drugs?

Gashouder, Amsterdam:
Hard drugs are not allowed, hash/weed is tolerated with a maximum of 5 grams (no pre-rolled joints). Check out Unity for more drugs info and watch the nice info video (French, Italian, German and Spanish subs available). Awakenings, EMS (first aid) and Unity are partners of the "Celebrate Safe" campaign (click here for more information about the campaign). Be aware that if the security finds any drugs on you your party will be over and you might be handed over to the police. You will be searched while entering the venue.

Klokgebouw, Eindhoven:
Hard and soft drugs are not allowed!

Festival area:
Hard and soft drugs are not allowed!

What are hard and soft drugs?

Can I bring my medication?

You need to bring an official declaration of a doctor and in case of doubt, our First Aid (EMS) will check your medication.

What is EMS?

My son/daughter is 16 years old and I would like to bring him/her to one of your parties. Is this allowed under my supervision?

Sorry, but that's not possible by law. Entry at Awakenings is for adults (18+) only, there will be ID-checks at the entrance!

Is there a special entrance and are there toilets for severely disabled guests?

We have a special entrance for disabled guests and at every toilet area there are toilets available for disabled guests.

Is entrance free for the escort of disabled guests?

Yes, the entrance is free for the person escorting our guests who are in a wheelchair or carry.

What is the minimum age to get in?

Entry at Awakenings is for adults (18+) only, there will be ID-checks at the entrance!

Rules & Regulations

What are the rules and regulations of Awakenings?

  • Bring your happy face!
  • Print your e-ticket.
  • Age 18 + (don't forget your ID).
  • Always follow the instructions of our staff, security, parking and emergency services personnel.
  • We have the right to refuse admittance without restitution of entrance fees.
  • Always respect other visitors, no (sexual) harassment will be tolerated.
  • No fireworks, weapons and sharp or dangerous objects are allowed.
  • No drugs are allowed, so all hard drugs, pills, powders, liquids, mushrooms and n2o (nitrous oxide/laughing gas) are forbidden.
  • Security will thoroughly search everybody before and during the event.
  • If hard drugs are found you will be removed from the festival and might be handed over to the police.
  • Soft drugs like hash & weed are also not allowed at the festival (only tolerated in coffee shops & Gashouder).
  • It's not allowed to bring food / drinks.
  • Camera surveillance and metal detectors are part of our security program for your and our safety.
  • Selfie sticks, professional photo / film / video / audio equipment are not allowed. Standard digital cameras / phones are allowed.
  • Club oriented football shirts / stickers with offending lyrics / symbols etc. are not allowed. Football shirts of national teams are allowed. Masks are not allowed.
  • Large flags / inflatable objects / balloons are not allowed.
  • Please keep your shirt on at our events.
  • No smoking in the tents.
  • Smoking on the outdoor stages is allowed.
  • Access is at your own risk; if you feel uncomfortable or if you want ear protection, go to the Emergency Room / First Aid.
  • It's forbidden to have commercial activities in and around an event's area, without agreement of the organisation.
  • No entrance after 20:00 during Awakenings Festival and no re-entrance after leaving an event.

Is it possible to download the dj-sets?

It's not possible to download dj-sets. You can listen to dj-sets and podcasts on our Soundcloud page at http://soundcloud.com/awakenings

Where can I listen to Awakenings dj-sets?

I would like to have Awakenings pictures in my house. Is this possible and how do I get these pictures?

Sorry, but all our pictures are protected by copyright and can't be used for personal use.

Is it possible to smoke inside the venue?

You are not allowed to smoke inside. We have several designated smoking areas outside.

Is it possible to smoke on the festival ground?

You are not allowed to smoke inside the tents. Outside the tents you are allowed to smoke.

Which items are not allowed inside the venue/festival?

No fireworks, weapons or sharp or dangerous objects.
You’re not allowed to bring your own drinks/food/beverages.
No professional photo/film/video/audio equipment is allowed, but standard digital cameras are ok.
No club orientated football shirts (National football shirts are allowed) or shirts with offending lyrics/symbols/tattoos etc. And keep your shirt on! 


How do we make our festivals as sustainable as possible?

We are doing as much as we can to make our festival as green as possible. We are constantly looking for innovations !

What we do:

  • We ask our visitors to come by public transport or bike as much as possible.
  • We  offer our visitors free drinking water. There is a free drinking water tap at all our toilet groups where you can refill your cup.
  • All our catering is 95% vegetarian (for visitors as well as for crew). We only use bio meat for the other 5%. 
  • We seperate our waste, frontstage as well as backstage. 
  • We recycle and re-use our material as much as possible.
  • We decrease the use of generators by planning the amount of energy which we need very carefully and minimalize the use wherever we can. We use HVO diesel & Green battery to reduce our CO2 emission. 
  • On all stages we use advanced switches, to reduce power emission.
  • Invest in the festival grounds of Spaarnwoude and have meetings with the local community on reinvesting in the area.

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