Code of Conduct

At Awakenings, we aim to create a safe space where you can be yourself and lose yourself. We value and respect all people.

We will not tolerate the use of derogatory or discriminatory language, gestures or actions, any form of harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming or any other targeted comments. Any form of written, verbal or physical abuse or threats, such as unwanted and unwelcome (sexual) comments, deliberate intimidations or inappropriate physical contact are not allowed. The same goes for advocating for, or encouraging this behavior. We retain the right to take any actions needed to keep and restore a safe environment.

We have a collective responsibility, so if you observe or experience violations of this Code of Conduct, if you feel unsafe or notice that someone else is being harassed, please check-in with each other and know that our staff, security, first-aid and our social safety team is always (t)here for you. Our main priority is to make all visitors feel comfortable. Incidents will always be taken seriously: they are (anonymously) registered and evaluated by Awakenings, with (un)solicited advice from Sexmatters (an impartial advisory body). We protect the anonymity of visitors and only proceed with consent of the affected visitor.

We encourage you to reach out for our support at the event. We do however understand that reporting a situation or incident immediately is not always an option. It is possible to report an incident or submit a complaint with us via Please note that it might take a few days for our team to come back to you.

Let’s take care of each other.

Stichting Sexmatters

Sexmatters is committed on raising more acceptance, equality and social inclusion. The foundation hosts workshops on gender, sexuality and consent, and gives courses on discrimination and transgressive behavior. Besides all of this, they also developed the Safer Clubbing project specifically for clubs and organizations operating in nightlife.

Stichting Sexmatters works together with the organization, but stays independent at all times.

Gedragsregels (NL version)

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie van onze gedragsregels.