About Awakenings

Awakenings has been organizing techno events for more than 25 years. The famous Gashouder was the first place a legendary Awakenings techno night was held in 1997. Since then, the massive productions became known as the best there is, worldwide. With over 300.000 visitors a year, Awakenings has shown to bring the ultimate techno experience, every time, like no one else can.


Awakenings Festival, which used to take place in June, was moved in 2022 to April for our 25th anniversary. With 80.000 fans visiting the weekend, Awakenings (Easter) Festival was the highlight of Europe’s techno music calendar. During the 2-day festival, there are more than 100 techno DJ’s playing their best sounds for one of the most dedicated crowds.


In 2022, the first edition of Awakenings Summer Festival at Hilvarenbeek took place. With over 100.000 visitors, this 3-day camping weekender at a brand new location became the biggest outdoor techno festival in the world. Over 130 artists, top-tier and upcoming talent, played at this fundamental moment.


Since 1997, the Gashouder in Amsterdam is the homebase of our indoor events. We return with a series of massive productions each Easter, ADE (October) and around New Years Eve.

Awakenings Easter 2019

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In 2008, we launched the first edition in the south of the Netherlands, at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven.
In the last weekend of January, we host 3 massive stages for 9.000 techno fans!

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