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Awakenings has been organizing techno events for more than 25 years. The famous Gashouder was the first place a legendary Awakenings techno night was held in 1997. Since then, the massive productions became known as the best there is, worldwide. With over 300.000 visitors a year, Awakenings has shown to bring the ultimate techno experience, every time, like no one else can.


Awakenings Summer Festival is the ultimate techno holiday!
The festival grounds at Hilvarenbeek are the perfect backdrop for a weekend full of new discoveries, memories and a lot of techno madness.With 80.000 visitors from over 80 countries in a weekend Awakenings Summer Festival is the highlight of Europe’s techno music calendar. During the 3-day festival, there are more than 120 artists are performing in eight different areas, presenting their best sounds for one of the most dedicated crowds. Every year Awakenings goes above and beyond to live up to the irreputation of groundbreaking productions and stage design, in the open air areas and giant tent structures.


The Gashouder is a place of extremes: it’s the home of Awakenings. Also known as the Temple of Techno. With its circular shape, pillar-free interior and wrought iron roof construction, the Gashouder is the most distinctive venue in Amsterdam. No one who attends an event here will ever forget it. The first - legendary - Awakenings techno night was held in Amsterdams famous Gashouder in 1997. Since that year, the massive productions became worldwide known as the best of the best.

Awakenings Summer Festival 2023

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