Accessibility &

Extra care

We aim Awakenings to be accessible for everyone. Please find below the measurements we have taken.

If you have any questions or requests concerning accessibility, please get in touch and send an email to If you have any questions during the events, don’t hesitate to turn to our staff.

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Entrance & Parking tickets

  • We have reserved some entrance tickets for persons with a disability. Please reach out to in case you need a ticket when the event is already sold out.
  • You can enter the venue with your regular e-ticket, at the guestlist entrance, which is a wider path. Follow the signs 'Guestlist'
  • Are you in need of help and feel more comfortable with a companion? We provide free access for your companion, please contact us via e-mail ( to obtain this free ticket.
  • For our outdoor festivals, you can get a parking ticket which provides a spot closer to the entrance by contacting us at
  • At the shuttle bus station, there are no special facilities. However, the shuttle buses are accessible to you. It is recommended to arrive as early as possible to avoid traveling at peak hours.

Floor & paths to areas

  • For our indoor shows, all floors are at ground level. The Ziggo Dome has multiple levels and an elevator available.
  • The outdoor festivals have paved paths and road plates leading to all areas. Ramps are placed to ensure easy access to the tents and are always on the long side of the tent.
  • At Awakenings Summer Festival, Area X and Area D are not accessible by wheelchair.


  • At every toilet area, there are extra large toilets available. To keep it clean for the persons who really need it, the door is locked. Our staff is nearby, please don’t hesitate to ask them if you need to use it and if you need any assistance.
  • At the first aid area, there is also an exta large toilet available.

First aid

  • Every event has a First Aid area. Please feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions or if you would like to store any medicines or other special items you need.

For persons with hearing issues

  • We ask our visitors to make space in the front row, in case someone with hearing problems asks for it. For them, it's nice to be able hold the barriers so they can feel the beat.

Chill area & stand

  • We have a spectacular light and laser show. Is the show becoming a bit too overwhelming? You can take a break in our chill area at the indoor venues or the low stimulus area at Summer
  • When feeling too crowded, we always have a stand accessible close to the largest stages where you can continue watching the show while seated. This stand is only accessible by stairs.
  • Earplugs and sunglasses are available at the merchandise and marked stands.

Awakenings Summer Festival - Specials

Handicap NL staff

Handicap NL is a Dutch organization specialized in providing care for persons who might need extra attention. They are present with multiple volunteers and are there for your questions and can help you around the festival and campsite.

Low-stimulus space

  • We have a low-stimulus space at the festival, this quiet area is there for visitors who feel overtimulated.
  • The space has some seats and noise-canceling headphones where you can sit privately.
  • The low-stimulus space is located next to the first aid.

Extra care room

  • Next to the first aid and low-stimulus space, there is an extra care room.
  • This rooms gives you privacy and has a bed and drinking water, which you can use to take your medicines or other care.


  • We have a dedicated part at the Grand Camping where toilet and bathhouse facilities are designed for persons with a disability. Please reach out if you want a spot here together with your friends.
  • We have cottages available at the campsite that are suitable for persons with a disability. Please reach out to to check all options. We have reserved these and do not offer them in the regular sale (blocked till 01-05-2024)
  • Staying at our campsite and is it too far for you to get to the festival? Please let us know so we can arrange transportation.

Ambient playlists by Awakenings artists

Multiple Awakenings artists have carefully curated an ambient soundscapes playlist for you to enjoy. Click here to open.

Share knowledge

We have a partnership with Handicap NL & Green Events, who assist us in making our events more accessible.
Below a video of our Low Stimulus Space, the staff of Handicap NL and the custom floorplan of Awakenings Summer Festival 2023.

Video of the Low Stimulus Space