Agents of Time

Agents Of Time is the project of Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo. A reveredtwoman liveact, DJs and masters of their sound in the studio.Since starting their journey together as Agents Of Time, the two Italians have combinedtheir talents and shared influences to become a globally indemand dance act, releasingon a number ofleading labels along the way. A muchloved debut 12” on Correspondent in2014, ‘Polina’, marked them out as an exciting new name in the realm of emotional,melodic techno and kickstarted their touring career.A hardwareheavy, improvisational live set spanning house, techno and acid is at the heartof what they do. The two members perform around a square table, facing each other,translating a symbiotic energy through the machines and communicating through instinctand gesture. A complex, unique and unpredictable dance between human minds andanalog equipment that invariably creates moments of magic. Their live set was partlyinspired by an expert of the craft in Mathew Jonson, and it is telling of Agents Of Time’ssuccess that they now count Jonson as a collaborator. ‘Repeating Patterns, Numbers andLetters’, Agents Of Time’s first studio collaboration with Jonson came out in March 2019,following live shows together at Rex Club (Paris) and Movement Festival (Torino).The adventurous spirit and heady sound palette is channeled into house, techno and moreobscure selections.Their work in the studio is a freeflowing ritual, an extension of what they do on stage.‘Spread The Word’, their debut album came out Stem Records in 2014 and was followedby hit EPsfor Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio, their own label Obscura and Curle Recordings. Arelationship with Tale Of Us and multiple appearances at Afterlife events has also led toAgents Of Time signing to Afterlife with the stunning ‘Dream Vision’ EP and 'Paradigm'onthe Realm Of Consciousness compilation.The Agents Of Time are taking careful steps and showing themselves to be gifted,versatile performers with each one. Whether on record, on stage or at an any event, counton a highquality output, finely balancedbetween experimentation and a straightdancefloor vibe.

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