PROFESSION OF FAITH: 2003, Barcelona, Sonar, 5AM - Agoria enjoys the communion with a raging audience of 10000 people ... He's come a long way: training on the machines, first records for small companion labels, learning the record industry too; a publisher, an agent, a manager, true commercial and artistic success of first album "Blossom", in 2004. And playing, of course, shifting from the smallest local basement to specialised clubs around the world (Paris, London, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, etc...) and large European festivals (Vieilles Charrues, Montreux Jazz Festival, I Love Techno, etc). Nothing to explain, just take note: a little something more, the sincere craving to try. And it works: a track with Tricky on the first album, a remix for Franz Ferdinand, consistent artwork (hello Kofea), cheeky maxis (the use of a trumpet for instance), real underground hits heard on every single dance floor (La 11ème Marche, Spinash Girl), a couple of plebiscite at the core of electronic music (best DJ for two years in a row for readers of French magazine Trax). Today he's on the eve of his thirties, accessible and enthusiastic, clever and funny, careful to break the barrier of genres, and still available for daily life, the only true influence of the artist... THE GREEN ARMCHAIR : Whether the fundamentalists of the electronic genre like it or not, this album is undoubtedly an essential success of the fusion of styles. Eleven tracks of today's music, a sort of snapshot of a certain vision of electronic music, terribly ambitious, yet perfectly accomplished and mastered. A few dance floor tracks with the aim was to bring the listener to a sort of melancholic reverie, to insert a bit of bittersweet reflection beyond the original bang-bang-bang. The beautiful "Code 1026", "Europa", or "Les Violons Ivres" are not about to cease pleasing dance floor ecstatic around the world. Peter Murphy, mythical singer of the cult band Bauhaus, plays his David Bowie better than anyone to serve the vicious pop song Edenbridge. Sclade, a young dandy from Lyon, put his vocals for the tracks "Baboul Hair Cutting" - sort of destroyed and chaotic yet resolutely contemporary r'n'b - and the highly vaporous Your Inner Kiss a poetic electro/pop bravery. The divine and sexy Princess Superstar for a Lips On Fire with its furious break beats, dirty text and moist song. And the superbly sensuous "Million Miles", which leans on the timeless voice of Neneh Cherry at the peak of her art, perpetuating the tradition of lyrical velvet resting on humming ultra basses. Remains three titles evoking a personality that is more complex than it seems at first sight, and, that is predominantly emblematic of his constant quest for modernity. Like A Bull is a devastating deflagration where the obscure facet of the current techno, which links volleys of electro and sheets of old school, condensed by twenty years of underground. On Wrong Line Agoria dares the murmur of a text in French, a demanding love song that rips the heart on a carpet of electronica to cry for. The magnificent Cécile is an emphatic electronic instrumental piece that calls upon the ghosts of a Pink Floyd; even still, a very moving tribute to the greatness of a genre that is still misunderstood - techno - as a revelatory of emotions buried deep within a soul that is - I swear - the essence of an innocent adolescent, for this atypical and deeply human artist. There's still one question tough....Why "The Green Armchair"?

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