Alan Oldham (aka Dj T-1000)

At the same time, college-student Oldham was hired at local radio station WDET-FM, hosting Detroit's first-ever all-electronic radio program, "Fast Forward," introducing artists like UR, Richie Hawtin, Kenny Larkin, and Carl Craig to local airwaves. Mixing Detroit Techno, Chicago House, European Body Music, New Wave, and the chillout vibes of early 4AD all under Oldham's air personality, "Fast Forward" was a groundbreaking radio show that has yet to be duplicated over 20 years later.

In the early '90s, Oldham found himself under the tutelage of UR's Mad Mike Banks. Initially hired as UR's "Minister of Information," working side-by-side with Rob Hood and others in the office, Oldham eventually got the call of duty to replace his departing friend Jeff "The Wizard" Mills as DJ on UR's "Revolution for Change" tour (quitting WDET in the process), and UR codename DJ T-1000 (and his label Generator, distributed by Submerge) was born. Big shoes to fill, but he was up to the task. Jumpstart to infamy.

For a year afterwards, Oldham toured with Banks and others in the UR techno boot camp, learning his first lessons in international DJ diplomacy.

Since those long-ago days, a solo Oldham continues to rock crowds in Berlin (with an unofficial residency at Tresor), Milan, Barcelona (unofficial residency at Moog), Madrid, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and all points in between with his own no-nonsense brand of bangin', funky-ass techno. When DJ T-1000 is on the flyer, fans know he's bringing the ruckus.

In 2004, Oldham finally left a flagging Motor City (under heavy hater fire) for the Midwest boomtown of Chicago, where he makes his US home. And then in 2005, after making short DJ trips for years, he finally established his permanent European touring base in the world's electronic music capital, Berlin, Germany.

When he's not behind the decks or in the studio producing electronic dance music for labels like Tresor Berlin, Inzec (CH), Minimalsoul (CH), or his own Pure Sonik and Generator imprints, his drawings and paintings have been on display in art galleries in Chicago, Berlin, Paris and Los Angeles, with a new Berlin exhibit on the way for 2010.

And lately Oldham has been producing art for a new generation of labels like Nice 'n' Nasty (IRL), Seventh Sign (UK), and The Villains Inc. (IT) A true autodidact and all-around artist, his latest graphic novel/electronic music project, "Johnny Gambit 01: The Prodigal Son," is out now on the newly-revitalized Pure Sonik Records label. The follow-up record, "Blaster," is out now!

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