Alexi Delano

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names on the scene, including Jesper Dahlbäck, Cari Lekebusch, John Selway, Xpansul, Vincenzo Ragone, Adam Beyer, Jori Hulkkonen, Darshan Jesrani, Lucas Rodenbusch and Casey Hogan. Born in Chile and raised in Sweden, Delano took to the turn tables in the early 80s, playing a combination of hip hop, funk, and soul. At a mere 15 years of age he had his own radio show, based in a suburb of Stockholm. At 17 he became the resident Dj at one of Stockholm's first after hours club where he played continues 9-10 hour sets and then head on to school in time for the days first class. Delano discovered electronic music on a trip to Spain in the late 80s at a time when acid house ruled the airwaves. Upon his return to Stockholm, he wasted no time in teaming up with his old friend and the city's premier producer, Cari Lekebusch, with whom he co-produced his first single on the Stockholm-based Loop imprint. His debut release was well-received by the underground dance community, spurring him on to produce further recordings for Loop and for its sister label Plump House. In the mid 90s Delano relocated to New York where he spent his time developing new monikers like ADNY for his deeper house music and G.O.L. and GIOVANI for the techier. He also found the time to start two new labels, Corner Shots and Test 542 which went on to become two of the most respected deep house labels of the circuit. Delano and Mr. Cari Lekebusch also got together in New York City to produce a string of techno EPs on labels such as Missile, Hybrid, Primevil, Primemate and Jericho including a full length album for the Swedish Grammy nominated house label SVEK. After releasing successful full-length projects for Svek, Earthtones with Jesper Dahlbäck and Plastic City as LEIVA, Delano was approached (year 2000) by Tiga with his Montreal-based Turbo Recordings imprint to produce an artist album. The result Selections 97-2000 is an incredibly rich collection of both percussive and jazz inspired vocal house music that stimulates the mind as much as it moves the body. Now, in 2006, Mr. Delano keeps searching for new inspirations and ideas to re-shape the music that he loves. He has started a new label AD-LIMITED, where he will tend to release a collection of his previously unreleased material in alternation with his new ones. He has also created a successful new moniker with his friend Jesper Dahlbäck called ADJD with 2 EPs already under their belt on Steve Bugs Poker Flat recordings and a full length album ready for release later this year. Delano is also eagerly awaiting the release of his next solo full length album STORIES OF AN ALIEN BROTHER (HARTHOUSE recordings) and the much anticipated release on Richie Hawtin's PLUS 8 label where he has collaborated with Spanish producer Xpansul. With whom he also recorded "SWIMMING IN A FISH BOWL" an EP to be out on Adam Beyer's quality label-TRUESOUL-. It's all in a days work for Mr. Delano though. He's a man who seems to be made of music.

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