Ahmet Altinbas is challenging the limits of modern techno. As both a resident and in-house label curator for Brussels club Fuse, the Turkish Belgian artist has quickly emerged as a leading talent from Brussels' burgeoning electronic scene.

As a DJ, Altinbas is known for simultaneously honing in on minute details and zooming out to the bigger picture, crafting captivating journeys that explore the common threads and connective tissue between his carefully-selected cuts. Through his online mixes, his own curated parties at Fuse, and his dense touring schedule through many of Europe's club capitals, he's become known for a sound built on layered beats and rapidly shifting dynamics, where even familiar tracks feel fresh in the fabric of his sonic narratives.

Honing his skills as a producer for years, he's developed a densely-layered style built on sculpted sound design and impactful grooves that's been captivating and reverberating across the international dance scene. Renowned for the level of craftsmanship in his productions, Altinbas' works have found a home on labels like Token Records, SK11 and Non Series. On his own imprint Observer Station, he pushes his output even further, using the label to explore both the emotional content of his music and the methods he uses to release it without constraints. While home to some of further-reaching tracks, Observer Station keeps its focus firmly on dance floor functionality, making its releases primed for unique, overwhelming moments in the club.

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