Andreas Kremer

Since his career started in 1983 he has been around and has been influential in the German underground scene. His discography reads longer than the bible. An outstanding amount of work has been put into his production that has been widely used in many compilations worldwide. He started in the early eighties with a Commodore C-64 and an Amiga 500 and began to create his own music and then in the early nineties he started to use more professional equipment like the Atari ST and other Analogue equipment. Especialy the Sound of his Roland Gear is one of his Trademarks in his Music and follow him his completely life that starting in his childhood! His Musical Influence comes from the Sound of Depeche Mode, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Front 242, New Order, Jean Michel Jarre, Paul Hardcastle, Moskwa TV, New Beat, House, Club Music & all the old electronic styles & DJ`s at the End of the 80`s. After a lot of worldwide unique releases, he open finally at the end of 2001 his own first Techno Label "Lifeform Recordings", with the first very successful release "The Way of the Drum", he open the new ways for a lot of dj`s & producer`s for the today's Global harder techno scene. In 2003 he goes another way with his brand new Label that called "Working Vinyl" to play his absolutely, totally different and brand-new awesome mayhem Studio Productions. And again the first Catalog Nr. (A New Lifeform e.p) was a real Vinyl burner on the market and you have found it again in each DJ Case! We've since heard his Mayhem Techno Sounds on a host of World-wide famous labels such as Analog Records, ANLX, Blueline, Carnage, Contrast, Energy Industries, Eukatech, Holzplatten, Kazumi, Tracid Traxx, Lifeform, Technosis, Decomplex Audio, Primate, Purenoise, Electronic Music Foundation, Carnage, UMF, Working Vinyl ...And so on... He has performed many DJ & live performances in Clubs and Raves all over the World with his Sound of Future Techno. Some notable countries have been Africa, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, USA, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Venezuela, Vietnam........ And 11 years of worldwide techno releases and over 15 years of techno productions need no more explanation. He just life 100% for his Techno Sounds!

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