Anthony Rother

Anthony Rother was described as an influential visionary, an electro pioneer and one of electronic music’s most prolific producers. For more than two decades Rother aggregated a vast musical canon that reflects his unique career as a sound researcher exploring the aesthetics far beyond the boundaries of electro, techno and pop music.

Starting his recording career in the late ‘80s, the Offenbach-based producer established himself in Germany’s electronic music scene with his first two releases, "Sex With The Machines" (1997) and "Simulationszeitalter" (2000). In 1998, he founded his label Psi49Net, allowing him to keep his artistic independence and showcase his vision of electro music that cultivated a unique storytelling approach, guided by dystopian future visions on societal changes due to technological progress. The vocoder-driven vocals and the dark dystopian synth sound with machine-like beats have become Rother’s trademarks, even before he found international recognition as a science-fiction avant-gardist with the virtual electro-pop project "Little Computer People" (2001) and his 3rd solo LP "Hacker" (2002).

In 2004, Rother created the Datapunk imprint to evolve an immediate, more song-orientated language that used simple melodies and even autobiographic anecdotes collected on "Popkiller." Perceived as one of his most venturous endeavors, yet his sonic shift had a decisive effect on many artists' careers: The Hacker, Boys Noise and Terence Fixmer published on Datapunk in its early days. While some of the experimental ambient recordings for Pete Namlook’s infamous label Fax +49-69/450464 reflects Rother’s prolific output, he also worked and co-produced with several prominent artists such as from former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos, Sven Väth and DJ Hell.

After its success, Datapunk turned into an enlarging business which devoured both time and creativity to make music. In 2013, Rother decided to let the project rest and took a break that he used to move his studio while only producing music for his DJ sets. Through his self-contemplative retreat, he eventually rediscovered the artistic instincts that brought him back to his roots; both in terms of his renewed independence as well as how he channels creativity as a producer. In late 2017, Rother resurfaced with an EP on Danny Daze’s Omnidisc and contributed the track "Technic Electric” to Fabric 96 mix by DVS1. Last year, Rother returned to his Psi49Net label with a new album "3L3C7RO COMMANDO" that transports a clear message: Anthony Rother not only lives in and through his pure electro music, he still has something to say – here and now. The past represents the future!

In April 2019, Rother will release two 12’’ on DVS1’s Mistress Recordings followed by another EP as well as a conceptual LP for Psi49Net in fall. Moreover, Rother will drop a 12-inch on Radio Slave’s Rekids offshoot Stranger In The Night.

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