|ENG -v.2011-| Both a brand and an author, whose is the mind drawing the plans under that name? Whoever he is, he wanted to let the creativity that lies deep within run free, and has carved out his first tracks by cementing a solid base of sonic material made up of pure techno with minimalist touches. Pure concrete straight from Chicago with Detroit ripples and forged of alloys derived from the most genuine Soul.

Drinking from the fountain of intelligent techno, this recently graduated architect starts his career demonstrating that, having absorbed the teachings of the classics, his time has come. Architectural has come to stay. This is not just another name, Architectural has earned it and become someone who will explore new avenues in the deepest and most mental electronic music you’ve ever danced before.

This powerful edifice which rises sky-high, laid its foundations and basic structure in Architectural 001 and 002, which presents us the blows, clicks, snaps and twisting resulting from the construction crew’s hard labour and exploitation of a dark desolate ground under the instructions of an Architect, whose mind generates the project that builds up before us.

After the elation with which his first projects where welcomed by the most well known European dj’s, Architectural continues his building project with a surprising 3rd EP. Architectural 003 proves that this is no rookie, he’s a blazing star showing such a high level of creativity and innovation that leaves no room for doubt. We give ourselves over to a captivating rhythm, and it's a privilege. We are participating in the birth of a new sound structure which will lay the foundations of a style many will follow.

Make sure you follow in his tracks.

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