Arkus P.

"Music has always been something special to me. With seven years I started to take piano lessons. Afterwards, gigs with school bands followed. Anyway, as time passed by I always tried to add some electronic influences to the music - an idea the other band members did not always approve of. Thus, it was time for a new beginning..."

2001, Arkus P. released his first vinyl on [Invalid Label]. The record was played by DJ Rush at the Nature One festival amongst others and can still be found in a vast quantity of DJ-mixes. Until late 2004, the amount of releases has risen to more than 30 including labels such as Highball, Definition, Artillery and various other important record companies. Gigs all over Europe aswell as in different parts of Germany consequently followed and furthermore, many gigs in overseas are about to come.

"While I am performing live a certain feeling overcomes me as the mood and the atmosphere of the crowd overwhelms me. This is the reason why I often avoid complicated live-setups. Shortly before the gig I program nothing but a few patterns which I reprogram during performance according to the mood of the crowd... Most of the things happening live are impossible to be reconstructed afterwards."

Early 2004 it came to a promising cooperation with Robert Natus. Their first single became the top-selling vinyl of the year 2004 and following a CD-release on Kontor Records, the track even earned a German single sales-charts entry!

"Teaming up with Robert [Natus] will always bring up something very special. Our musical influences and ideas flow seemlessly into each other. We are both very different artist with very different approaches to music production. But when ideas by both of us are combined it always results in something very particular."

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