Axel Karakasis

The passion for music has always been there for Axel Karakasis. It emerged at a very young age, when he started DJing at small clubs in Athens. The definitive moment, however, came in the late 80s when Techno made its first appearance. From this point onwards, his courtship with electronic music saw a very different light...

By 1996, midst of an era that saw electronic music taking over the Greek dance scene, he was already known through various DJ residencies. In addition, being a co-organiser with the team "bubbles", they organised regular events -to be remembered to this date!- with a huge crowd of supporters! This was only the beginning for a series of very successful events in some of the biggest clubs in the Greek capital, and not only! In the following years, he became the most wanted Greek Techno DJ and, having played in the biggest venues in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and all over Greece.

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