Bando real name Manuel Rio was born on December 13th of 1974. He started his DJ/Producing career in 1992, strongly influenced by the electronic music of that time. He started spinning in clubs in Madrid that were very popular in 1992 such as "Epsilon" and "Now." Four years later, he bought his first piece of studio equipment, which changed his musical direction; he started to study electronic music and how to produce it. Bando was taught by one of the best sound engineer in Spain (Pedro Vidal) and later, in consequence of the gained knowledge, he managed an audio-midi academy "Phrenetic Studio" for 3 years. Since then, he has Djed all over Spain in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Oviedo, Gijon, Granada, Vigo, Toledo, Lanzarote, etc. In Europe he has visited countries like Slovenia, Croatia, France, Greece, Serbia, Germany and Belgium, in the Americas he has played in Canada and Colombia(on Patchwork tour in Medellin, Cali, Manizales, Bogota and Popayan) and in Asia he has toured Japan (Tokyo and Nagoya). He also had a residency for 2 years at the "Cool" club in Valladolid. Currently doing a residency in Madrid since 2001 at "Emotion Club" with Cristian Varela.

His three decks sets are full of energy and strength. His style is dynamic, full of percussions, and yet at the same time very groovy. His taste in music is very refined so his set will be one to knock you off your feet...

As producer he has got around 40 releases, in worldwide well-known labels like -Primate (U.k.), with four excellent releases, -Phont (ch), -Monoid (Ger), -Superbra (Ch), -Isoghi (Sp) ", -Primevil (Uk) in wich he has worked with his real name, Manuel Rio, -Session (Belgium), -Sasa2 (Pp), -Bound (Ger), -Northwest dynamics (Holland). -Pornographic (Belgium/Spain), -Donkeyhead (Sp), -Goodfellas (Uk), -Techex (cz) As remixer, he has remixed people like Ben Sims ("Momento en el tiempo"/Primate), Marco Bailey (Mb Electronics), Dj Misjah (Rerun) or Cristian Varela ("Pains"/Primate and "Your body experience"/ Elephanthaus) this made him reach respect on the techno scene. His productions has been licensed in some mix cds of artis like: Umek (Timewarp), Jim Masters (Impossible blue), Marco bailey (Gazometertraxxx y Mixed Sessions) John Acquaviva (Danzoo Series), Michael Buekat( Latin Techno Session),Cristian Varela (Salon de mezclas vol.1 y vol.3), Q┬┤hey (Sound Republic & Reboot 001), Lars Klein(Under Pressure v2)

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