"Slamming mental techno with thick chunky grooves, stabby synth lines and ass kicking energy" (Cheap Thrills, Sonic Groove U.S.A) A string of vinyl and CD releases between 1996 and 2002 saw DJ BOLD gain international respect as a producer as well as a DJ. Starting his own label - Vast Recordings was the first natural step for Bold and the label was founded with his first two vinyl releases - Mission 8 ep and Turntable Phonetix. The first major breakthrough came with inclusion in DJ charts from Germany's widely acclaimed DJ Hell. At the same time, Dave Clarke on his Radio One essential mix and DJ Rush (two of the biggest names in techno) - could be heard playing DJ BOLD records all over the clubs of Europe. Other production highlights for Bold included vinyl releases for Rush's labels High Octane and Kne Deep based in Chicago and Berlin. Other releases followed on Australia's Dirty House Records, his own label Vast Recordings and the new Australian label making big waves overseas and locally - Thrillseekers Australia On one of Ben Sims' visit to Australia he was so impressed by The Bold live PA he invited him to record for his labels and a release on Symbolism was born. Described by Ben Sims as "an ep of raw talent", Bold Manoeuvres (released late in 2002) rocked clubs and radio stations worldwide. Bold trax have also appeared in the play lists and charts of DJs like Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Ben Sims, DJ Hell, DJ Emerson, Paul Mac, Inigo Kennedy, Space DJZ, Dave Clarke, Francis Kevorkian, Claude Young and HMC. Now regarded by many as Australia's best 3-turntable DJ his DJ highlights include DJ sets in Chicago, New York, at the Berlin Love Parade (98 and 99), Denmark, SO36 Electric Ballroom (Berlin) and Dubmission at Matrix Club (Berlin). Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Bold has also appeared on Australia's national radio show "the Club" on JJJ with a 2 hour DJ set and 1 hour live PA. The Bold live PA is an infectious, atmospheric groove which has been whipping dancefloors into a frenzy! Experience it for yourself and see why it further enhances Bold's reputation as one of technos future players.

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