Border One

Border One has amassed an irrefutable reputation in his home country and beyond since the release of his first 12-inch record in 2015. Between a fascination for sound discovery through the use of his modular synthesizer and his loyalty to the classic club rhythms, Border One’s style serves as a swiss-army knife for promoters and DJ’s on an international level.

A stylistic sophistication which is undoubtedly the result of an eclectic musical taste from an early age, Border One pulls just as much inspiration from classic jazz records as he does from experimental electronic music. Having started to DJ at an early age, Border One has been spinning records for a long time that aren’t limited to techno and house. A DJ first, he started producing at the age of 18 and expanded his collection of gear and knowledge of music production with time, which fueled his increasing passion for sound exploration. These two sides have been seen to come together in the form of an intriguing minimal live set composed of his Eurorack synthesizer, a sequencer, and a drum machine.

With a self description expressing a priority to make the crowd move, his music does not fall short of its intention. Forward thinking in its conception rendered highly functional in its implementation, Border One’s music finds middle ground in an increasingly polarized musical climate for the genre; whether it be through his selection as a DJ or his technicality as a producer. Considering this, his release catalogue seems only appropriate. He has released EP’s on Knowledge Imprint, Setaoc Masse’s SK-X, his own Border One Records, Freddy K’s KEY vinyl imprint, and the infamous Token Record to name a few. He also has a close relationship to VOLTAGE Festival in Belgium, at which he has played on multiple occasions, having also released a few times on their imprint. Having played gigs in Cape Town, Malta, and London to name a few, Border One is also an unsurprisingly familiar face in Berlin having played Tresor, Arena, and Griessmuehle.

A local hero in his own right, Border One is a quality-guaranteed act that brings casual party goers and techno purists to an unhesitant agreement.

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