Boris S

His first publication can be defined as hardtrance. While his career was proceeding further, he decided to choose a different musical direction. He started producing hard techno. The appearance of his first single called "Bass" was the logical consequence. At the same time labels "Skull Tunes" and "Synopsis" began receiving recognition all over the world and Boris participated greatly to their success. In the meantime Boris produced music for artists like DJ Overdog, Felix Kroecher, Greg Silver and many more...while also doing his own thing. He produced many hits like the famous Track "Travelpussy". In winter 2007 he decided to stop producing for felix kröcher and concentrate all his energies on his own career. He released many records on labels like Bitshift, Inflicted, Abstract and many others, as well as on his new own label called Frown Recordings. In may 2007 he relased his first album on Alphabet City. As a DJ he played on many events and in many clubs all around the world during the last 7 years. His sets reflect the style of his productions: hard uncompromising techno.

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