Brina Knauss

The Slovenian selector Brina Knauss has achieved widespread notoriety and respect for her DJ skills,
with influential figures such as Damian Lazarus and Luciano among her growing fanbase. Classically
trained as a youngster, Brina has an exceptionally refined ear for key, chords and melodies, meaning
her sets are full of emotional depth and transcendent atmospherics.
On the road constantly since 2016, she has notched up a staggering number of gigs across Europe and
the rest of the world, playing alongside some of the scene’s best-known DJs and booked to perform at
high-profile events such as Rumors, Vagabundos and Get Lost.
Still in the early stages of her DJ career, Brina Knauss is an accomplished music selector, whose
scintillating sets have catapulted her into the limelight.

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