Carlota is an electronic music producer, live performer and DJ based in Berlin, Germany. Born and raised amidst the enchanting natural environment of Ibiza, Spain, where she absorbed the diverse Balearic music scene and culture from a young age, she started searching for her own musical language some years back while pursuing a sound engineering degree that allowed her to discover a technical approach to sound behaviours. This path led her toward expressing the subtleties of emotion, memory, and time through various aural explorations.

As her exploration progressed through compositional, music production and live performance direction, she devoted her work flow to generative processes on the modular synthesizer. With this anachronistic yet futuristic instrument at her disposal, she feels her role to be a selfless conductor of the analog orchestra, losing any illusion of control — yet intuitively expressing and guiding a musical conversation.

While the various forms of her work are predominantly auditory, ultimately they share a common trait: serving as a channel of communication between herself and the collaborators and audience who experience it. Her first release has just been on трип, contributing with two tracks to the label’s newest compilation ‚Happy New Year! We Wish You Happiness!‘

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