Charlie Sparks

Charlie Sparks is all about the energy. Known for emitting an intense gripping aura
by seemingly blending Acid, Industrial, Rave, and Psytrance-like grooves. By
carefully utilising every aspect of each Charlie is able to create the relentless
momentum found in both his productions and performances. His unique hazardous
identity has quickly spread and gained acknowledgment from artists such as
Amelie Lens, NINETIMESNINE, and many other heavyweights in the game.

It all started during his architecture studies where he delved into the dark,
hard-hitting style of techno and quickly came to realise the huge connection
between both creative fields. Just like architecture, every aspect of his music is
specifically designed to generate certain emotions and control the atmosphere to
captivate the listener. As a result, Charlie has been able to design his energy-filled,
rhythmic pounding trademark sound which electrifies dancefloors across the

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