Cincity, better known to friends and family as Cin has an insatiable thirst for artistic expression and
has over the year explored all continents discovering her own musical sound. As an artist she keeps
experimenting with an always evolving blend of sounds and cultures she comes across and gets to
know along her journey. Her strong love for house music has merged with her African roots providing
her with an eclectic sound. This wide palette and musical upbringing enables her to take an audience
and show them what house music is and can be in her eyes.

She is fascinated by how a club or festival can be a place where everyone is united by the love for
music. This has always motivated her to be a person that brings people together by focussing on
shared values and passion. Her eclectic own style enables her to bring together a group of people
that are from different backgrounds but are all united for that moment she is behind the decks.

Residing in Rotterdam Cin gets inspiration from a City that feels more like a cultural melting pot than
any other she has lived over the years. Cincity has played and made music all over the world making
it only the most logical step to now focus on expressing all this inspiration into her new found deep
and worldly sound, both in the studio and on the dance floor.

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