Claudio PRC

Creating sonic bridges from the literal, perceivable world into mythical, imaginal realms is what
Sardinian-born and Berlin-based DJ and Producer Claudio PRC might be best known for.

Instead of using extravertive elements, he enhances the overall experience through a wide-
screen appeal, playing with spatial awareness through details and taking the audience on a

journey into the all-or-nothing of sound. So far Claudio PRC has released on Prologue Music,

Semantica Records and most recently Delsin Records. He is the founder of 012, a label and
curated night held in several places across Europe, where he focuses on collaborative work with
connected producers and visual artists. Like in everything he does, a Claudio PRC DJ set is a
meticulously sewn journey. This makes him a key protagonist in the emerging world of hypnotic
techno, playing regularly at an international level at the most reputable festivals and clubs.
Resident DJ at Prague’s Ankali, from 2023 on Claudio PRC is holding a residency at Berlin’s
long-standing Techno institution Tresor.

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