1977 Started to test out parents records collection, mainly psychedelic music. 1978 Bought his first record. 1979 Came in contact with computer games. 1980 Lost his marbles. 1981 Hooked on computer games. 1982 1200 games on tape. 1983 Still no games on floppy. 1984 Lost his v....... 1985 Learned how to drive a motorcycle. 1986 Not attending classes. 1987 Learned how to drive a car during intensive joyrides. 1988 Going steady with a hot blond. 1989 Wanted to try but didn't. 1990 First E. 1991 Tried out almost everything. 1992 Derrick May, Stacey Pullen and Alex P. 1993 Remy & Dimitri. 1994 Goa afters. 1995 Ritchie Hawtin. 1996 Sven Vath and Yo Hans 1997 Instead of going to Australia for one year, he flew off to a whole different kind of adventure, which started with buying his first Technics decks and mixing panel. 1998 Organized some party's and worked in a coffeeshop. 1999 Went to Greece during the summer playing here and there. 2000 Started working in a recordstore based in The Hague Holland. Here he spends his days working in the shop spinning whenever he can. 2001 Playing regular in Poland. 2002 Still working in the recordstore. 2003 Started producing and started to morph. 2004 Stopped working in the shop and now starting his own recordlabel Cupari and on-line recordstore called Vetteplaten, which will launch in januari 2005. 2005 Preparing for going Live, releasing tracks, running label and As he began shaping his musical style in 2003, he discovered that his attention could not be captured by one genre alone. He soon found out that he loved, minimal techno, deep minimal, mikrohouse, clickhop, click's 'n cuts and experimental electronics. His interest in all this, materialised in his Cupatec alias, under which he played among the best DJ's of the Dutch techno and minimal-scene. Emphasising on experimenting with all these styles blended together in his skilful and always changing DJ sets, he's now breaking his way into the bigger events of the Dutch dance scène. Style Cupatec has quietly infiltrated the ranks of the Dutch minimal scene with an edgy and immediately recognisable sound. Tricky, stalking, complex and not afraid for experiments. Combining a tight weave of deep dry clicking techno in a bass heavy setting. This with freaky and chunky minimal, which he tops of with electrostatic mikrohouse. It's a sound that has been gaining him more fans every time. Using three decks and fx, he's able to create every atmosphere he pleases. Cupatec is renowned as a smooth skilful DJ with a broad style. A theme and sound that defies the typical stereotypes of today's dancemusic. This modern, non aggressive sound with a keen sense of energy for the dance-floor has gained him praise and respect. Recently, his DJ sets have crept up to grace on the dance-floors at Integrate, Xcess and Vollt. Also have they been a feature at Minimal Eindhoven. His main objective is to twist and bend new sounds and rhythms into his DJ sets and music productions. Whether, it's, deep techno, deep minimal or clickhop'n'cutz there are no limits to what Cupatec will do next. Watch, listen and experience this emotional rollercoaster ride as he continues to craft the sound of music culture in the 21st century. His DJ sets depend on Fullfat soundsystems, Technics turntables , open-minded people, old and new records, hours of sleep the night before, a few vodka's, proper Pollum and gallons of Red Bull. Some gigs in 2004 Minimal op zondag SoHo Eindhoven Fridays De Rechter Eindhoven Integrate Paard Den Haag Pure Audio LVC Leiden Xcess Las Palmas Rotterdam Minimal op zondag SoHo Eindhoven Voltt Paradiso Amsterdam Discography Cicado EP Cupari 001 release date: spring 2005 Chirichua EP Cupari 002 release date: summer 2005 The Click Case Scenario EP Cupaine 001 release date: autum 2005

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