Daniel Stefanik & Mathias Kaden

Daniel Stefanik:

"To make music, that is when you are in love. It’s just so beautiful. It just makes you so terribly happy.”

Detroit, Pampa, Dresden, Leipzig and from there the start into the whole wide world! Daniel was clearly born in Detroit because only so can that innate love of this sound scape be explained. He has so intensively and earnestly dealt with the matter – in a manner which suggests his living it. Initially the “born Detroiter” in his boyhood had his first rhythmic taste by way of the little drummer boy set for 8 years. Starting in the mid-nineties what followed was the Stefanik big-bang: research, reading, slangin goods, learning, cash collection, looting of the hard wax, the development of an affinity for the proper records, laying sets in the Berlin strong box, adding new wrinkles to his sound... until he then belonged to those who had taken such a dose of the electro that there was no turning back. Clearly, the fella had driven this musical tonal activity deep into the folds of his grey matter.

Heart and sensibility now share the proper place: “Maybe I am a lost romantic. Soul...that’s what’s important. The heart must be there!” Together with Stefan Wesemann as Urban Force he affects a unique vision from dub, electronic, & techno. Further stations of his production and DJ activity are Statik Entertainment including Digital Label-Instabil, Cargo Edition, Moon Harbour, Tanzmann & Stefanik, Dessous, Mobilee, a residency as DJ in the Distillery in Leipzig and Club Zooma Plauen, and not to forget his numerous remixes with the completely special Stefanik-Feder (feather).

The playful multifaceted-nous, mental impact and nerdy aesthetic of his musicals put different stylistic facets to: dub, house, techno, minimal-, & maximalist tonal imagery, in addition to the Detroit bow each with weight and pitch as an adjust- able parameter, seeping into the Stefanik-esque production – a script without rigid limits! His behavior stems from his passion as a DJ: pure sensibility, compelled movement, studied intensity, situational fine-feeling and sheer lust always form statements for the public and for himself. The end of 2008 saw a special heartfelt occasion with the album “Reactivity” on Static Entertainment – a truth, on many levels worked hybrid from the dub world, harmonic riffs, ambient moments paired off with depth and visionary impact from house and techno.

In the here and now there is Daniel Stefanik at the likeminded Freude am Tanzen camp, with his first release, which in 2008 was blessed with the ‘licht of vinyl’ being itself a true enriching of the opulent FAT-catalog. His art is to reduce at just the right place, thereby the quintessence of the music is brought to the fore and at the same time a feeling of frivolity is left behind.

Mathias Kaden:

Mathias Kaden is for 11 years and counting a first-rate turn-tablist in the record-rotation disciplines. For both training- and competitive exercises he utilizes the basics: 2 turntables, a mixer and painstakingly selected vinyl. With such equipment he nightly compels both listeners and casual spectators alike into a sportive revelry on the dance floor.

The device is thus: along the ranks of abandoned spaces on the peripherypatrons shift to the crux where the sounds radiate from Kadens chamber, compelled to engage in physically strenuous activity. Therein the master of ceremonies form is altered to that of an engaging style behind the masses. Out of the boxes a resounding conglomerate of House & Techno pours forth, without the pop imitation and duplication, but instead reflecting the movements that challenged mankind. Whether hes the opening act, headliner or shutting the place down, a flair for the crowd and thorough grasp of the scene is always there. With fresh sources and influences minus the uniformity, he exhibits the following range of elements and sound-structures:funky, freaky, dashing, fiddly, marching, hopping, slamming, dub, straight-forward and around the corner...Along with his prince-o-pal Marek Hemmann under the mark Trainerduo Hemmann & Kaden, three 12 releases in total are in the offing. The latest, as with the other 2 releases, will be thrown to the dance-happy multitudes. Occupying the next spot on the Muna/Bad Klosterlausnitz bench is his own event- promotion outfit Fleshblood, predominately from the above-named locale alive with vibrant talent. Additionally he is one of the many responsible for the technical direction for Kassablanca Jena, where he also performs as a DJ and organizer. Alas listeners and dancers, allow me to take leave and let the sound of this young man splash onto your eardrums. Take it from the German proverb: To write about music is to dance about architecture!

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