Danilo Vigorito

Soon Danilo buys his first instruments and gives birth to his music and when in 1999 he releases Sync Mode EP for Informal Records, he completes the first step on a rapid road towards respected status in the world of techno music. Releasing on well-known labels such as Zenit, speaker attack, primate, conform and genetic he reaches international awareness and in 2002 his first label orion appears, giving the right echo and identity to an utterly personal musical style. Not only does orion represent popular artists such as the Advent and Gaetano Parisio, but Danilo s personal releases earn him the reputation of a new phenomenon on the electronic scene, identifying him with elaborated and refined production techniques more typical of a live set. It is his know-how as a sound engineer and an intense passion for music that leads Danilo to the exploration of the inner world of electronic sound, largely neglected by most producers. From 2000, Danilo travels around the world performing and spreading his cool, brilliant sound. With innumerable showcases and an astonishing discography, Danilo has become a milestone of the techno music.

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