Dario Rossi

Dario Rossi is an artist, drummer, percussionist and producer of electronic music.

He is one of the best known drummers in the world for the originality and uniqueness of his performances. His music, and above all his particular way of producing it, is unique in the electronic music sector.

Born in 1988, he started experimenting with sound from the early years of his life, playing on various surfaces and objects, obtaining sound, rhythm and music. He then began studying drums at the age of 10, and then enrolled at the "Saint Louis College of music" in Rome at around 18, attending the conservatory at the same time.

In 2011 he left for London, where he performed for the first time “on the street”, playing a set made up of recycled objects: In a few minutes Piccadilly Circus was filled with people surprised and shocked by his performance. It was a first success, and the beginning of his current project and artistic path.

Back in Italy, he began performing from time to time in some local festivals and in the main squares of the capital, and it was in the summer of 2014 that the video of his performance in Berlin (Alexander Platz) became viral on the web, receiving attention. of numerous international newspapers and television programs, among which he saw the participation in “Tú Sí Que Vales” (Canale 5), “I Soliti ignoti” (Rai 1), and in Germany “TV total” (ProSieben). He recently appeared in an episode of "Allevi in the jungle", a program dedicated to street art hosted by Giovanni Allevi on Rai Play.

From 2015 he began his first European tour in the main capitals and cities, such as Budapest (Sziget Festival), Amsterdam (Dam Square), Paris (Place de la République), Brussels, Copenhagen, Oslo, Prague, Ibiza, and Barcelona, where he performed during the Sonar Festival at the “Platja de la Barceloneta”, and later inside the “Plaza Monumental”, opening the performance of the well-known DJ “Luciano”.

Dario Rossi is now appreciated by millions of people all over the world, including very important icons of the music scene. He currently performs in clubs, theaters and music festivals across Europe, and in 2018 released his first official release "Alarm Clock EP", followed by the singles "Big Bang", "Lux" and "Lockdown".

He has recently developed his set with the introduction of synthesizers, samplers and electronic pads, with which he performs in real live-sets / concerts where he plays his productions live, which meet the technology of electronic music and the originality of his percussion. On May 7, 2021, he released “1959”, which is a concept album dedicated to his father. The release is distributed in a limited edition on vinyl, and in digital format. Dario is currently engaged in the studio where he is working on new productions that will be part of his next recording work, and is working as a drum, percussion and electronic music teacher.

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