Dave Ellesmere

To his suprise surprise within one week of uploading the tracks, Derrick May had picked out one of his tracks in his internet top 10. At the same time the staff at mp3.com had chosen one of his tracks tracks to be a featured item which resulted in over 30,000 downloads in one month .MP3.COM is also where Dave met Diego, with whom he exchanged some remixes. Diego suggested that perhaps his friends label in Switzerland might be interested in releasing something. He sent a demo but it was not for them. However label owner Stefan Reisen passed the demo onto to Brixton @ Holzplatten Records which is where he eventually released a number of 12 inches across the various labels. Dave also met other artists via MP3.COM and this resulted in collaborations with wide ranging artists such as Geoff White for Force Inc and Facet labels, and DJ BOSS for DJ Rush's Knee Deep label. During this time he and Diego had started a net project together and Diego [already releasing through Kanzleramt] let Heiko Laux hear some tunes they had done together over the internet. Heiko later released these on Kanzleramt as "diego & voco derman" and an album on K2o as 'shapes&forms, and 2 rmx's for Anthony Rother They also agreed to release some music on a fresh new canadian label called Restructured run by Greg Gow. a shapes &forms collaboration and a 12 from Dave under his guise of voco derman. His voco derman record fell into the hands of Ronny Krieger [A&R Kanzleramt]. He liked the release and asked to hear more of Dave's own music. He sent some demos which resulted in the debut solo release for Kanzleramt "Angry Young Computer" lp/cd. The record received some great reviews and support from techno dj´s like Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Francois K, Kevin Saunderson, Fabrice Lig and others as well as rotating on the decks of world famous house and nu-jazz dj´s. Talking Loud founder Giles Peterson took a track 'a new constallation" for his latest dj mix cd, Michael Reinboth (Compost) and Peter Kruder (Kruder and Dorfmeister) also had the record in their charts. His second album "Rites of Spring" was also released by Kanzleramt and it was also well received by a host of Dj's far and wide. Dave has performed his liveset all over Europe, Czech Rep, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Spain. In 2004, via Shinedoe he met Dylan Hermelijn of 100% Pure records. He passed him some music which he liked and the first 12" "four symbols" was released in Nov 2005 came out to a positive response from the worlds dj community...playlisted by the likes of Ben Sims (August chart), Josh Wink, DJINXX, Vince Watson, Michel de Hey, amongst others. Dave performed his liveset again at the 100% Pure label night for the 2005 ADE (amsterdam dance event), Here he played a number of new unreleased tracks. 2 of these tunes were immediately snapped up for release on Intacto Records and were released in February 2006. 'Standing in Line' the a-side, blew the roof off I love Techno when Richie Hawtin dropped it in the main room at peak time. Other Dj's who have supported this tune include Ricardo Villalobos and Tobi Neumann Andre Galluzi , Deetron, Lawrence, Frank Lorber, Ray Kajioka, Trish van Eynde, Ingo Boss, 3 Channels, K1 [Aux 88] and Damon Wild. In 2006 Dave began to DJ with Ableton Live performing at the much loved Inmotion, B.U.M.B., Bodyworx and Sensation Black VIP Room, as well as dates in Germany. Dave has also performed on National radio twice at Kink FM and 3FM and twice guested at Slam FM. Next Release for Dave is a collaboration with 2000 and One under the guise of Microfunk for the new label of Dylan Hermelijn called Remote Area [Remote Area 002]. Early feedback from Dj's such as Adam Beyer, Josh Wink, Wighnomy Brothers, Sven Vath, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Karotte, Sebo K, Anja Schneider etc indicate this to be another monster release which is already being talked about as a future classic forcing comparisons as the new "Pullover".

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