Dave Miller

His first and succesful appearance in Poland in 2001 resulted in several DJ bookings in Eastern Europe such as the famous U-Club in Bratislava and the Instytut Energetyki party in Warsaw. Although his choice of music always depends on the location, time and crowd his DJ sets are generally characterized by raw energetic rhythms layered with hypnotizing sounds and deep atmospheric soundscapes. Current musical influences are Surgeon, Regis, James Ruskin, Steve Stoll, Jeff Mills and DJ Slip. Together with Damian Keane, Eddy Kreischer and Sicco Bosscher he founded the Dutch techno label Audiosculpture in the year 2000. The label has already seen support by international DJ's like Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Steve Rachmad, Ricardo Villalobos, Rush and Chris Hope. In the future he will continue recording for Audiosculpture and produce tracks for several other labels. Discography Audiosculpture 001 Sculpturism - The Call of the Confuciusornis Audiosculpture 002 Sculpturism - The Call of the Confuciusornis (Mark Broom RMX) Audiosculpture 003 Miller & Keane - Mesmerize Audiosculpture 004 Miller & Keane - Instytut Energetyki Audiosculpture 005 Sculpturism - Dusk Privilege Records 001 Eclectronic - Solar Flare

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