De Sluwe Vos

With fifteen years of experience in the booth, Robert Vosmeijer has made his alter ego De Sluwe Vos a household name of Dutch nightlife and beyond. His sturdy track selection and impressive fast-pace mixing keeps any dance floor burning. The signature De Sluwe Vos-sound finds itself right at the intersection of house and hard-hitting techno, infused with breakbeats, and a whim of rave. He has an immaculate ear for finding the freshest old school records, which he blends with new club anthems. When Vosmeijer is not digging for either of these, you will find him immersed in hardware in his studio working on different projects and aliases.

As De Sluwe Vos he translates his analog machinery into raw dancefloor-minded house and techno tracks, previously released on DGTL, Who’s Susan and his own imprint Patron Records. The latter is also home to his ‘Live at Lowlands’ album, the recording of his fully analog improvised live set built around a modular synth at Lowlands Festival 2019. Through Patron Records Vosmeijer puts out more obscure sounding tracks. This includes his own work, as well as that of producers around him.

Since 2020 Vosmeijer has joined synthesizer-forces with fellow producer and live artist Sjamsoedin as Intercity 106. Their catchy club anthem ‘Never Know’ has already been the highlight of many DJ-sets (think Âme and Dixon), and the duo is dropping their first album this year. In the meantime, Vosmeijer has added another alias to his impressive list as Christian The Comet Conqueror. An audio visual live act focused on introspection and consciousness. For this performance, Vosmeijer takes a more holistic approach to bringing across his story to the audience. Christian The Comet Conqueror creates a full experience of the space through decor, smell, texture, lights, and sound.

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