Dejan Milicevic

Dejan Milicevic is born on 02.07.1979 in Belgrade,Serbia. Started Dj-ing by the begging of the year `95 as a 16 year old in small Belgrade club called “OMEN”…performing together with a wellknown DJ Boza Podunavac,who he consideres to be his musical guru.In January `96 for the first time he participates within a project with his today partner DJ Marko Nastic,that’s when the TEENAGE TECHNO PUNKS started.TTP was back2back performing of hard,funky techno tunes with massive bass lines and great mixing skills.By the year `98 TTP was pronounced by Rhythm Of The Heart B92 radio awards to be the best techno duo in the country,and then TTP mania begins.Soon after starts a period of various gigs in all region,as a proof that music is universal language thogh bad political situation cought the area.Dejan was performing on lots of different events in different countries,and by the end of `99 he reached a number of amaising 250 bookings in just one year,due to performing in Belgrade and a lot more in the country and abroad.Not to forget the TTP residency in those days number 1 club in the very center of capitol INDUSTRIJA where The Duo had almost all well known DJ names as guest stars.His music style is a variation of techno,house,minimal and electro carefully combined and mixed on three turntables.At the moment he is involved in couple of projects such as TTP with Marko Nastic,Teska Mashinerija with Nastic and Milosavljevic, and ofcourse solo as DJ Dejan Milicevic.MUSIC FOR THE BODY AND SOUL is a radio show on the most popular B92 radio station in Belgrade hosted by Nastic,Milicevic,Milosavljevic.In August 2005 Dejan joined a project with BELEF(Belgrade Summer Festival)to lounch a performace with Dusan Skovran string orchestra and by now did 2 concerts playing beats vs classic,having a huge feedback from the crowd and the media.In last couple of years Dejan evolved into producing techno,hardgroove and minimal for various labels that resulted with releases that started in the midst 2005.

Discography: Wet Musik Recon Warriors 06
Traffica 03
Recon Light Orion Music Omegaritam Omega Recordings Adult Relatives Zeabize MayDay compilation U make the Rules

Upcoming Releases :

Jesus Loved You
Recon Warriors 09
Recon Warriors 11 [Rmx]
Bad Girls
Bootleg For Triplevision
Ego Traxx
Traffica 05
Lactic Records

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