Derrick May

May's career started in 1987 with the release of a record called "Nude Photo" (co-written by Thomas Barnett), which helped kickstart the Detroit techno music scene. A year later he was following it with what was to become one of house music's classic anthems, the seminal "Strings of Life". May has not released any original solo recordings since 1993, but has also produced numerous remixes and has worked on video game and movie soundtracks, including, most recently, music for the new film of the popular combat video game Tekken. In 2003, he was returned control of Detroit's popular annual electronic music festival, originally conceived with Carl Craig. He named his event Movement, replacing the Detroit Electronic Music Festival along the city's riverfront. Derrick May also still maintains a break-neck performance schedule, playing legendary sets in the best venues on six continents, every weekend. A pioneer of techno, he is a modern day bluesman of what he calls hi-tech soul.

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