Dispar Vulgo

Jerrys Passion for Electronic music began to form in the end of the nineties, and then when house began to divide into different streams of music he found his passion in Techno. Always respecting the DJs his interest to entertain was triggered with the start of the digital way of DJ-ing. Taking bits and pieces from tracks to form new inspiring tracks using a laptop and midi-controllers. And as for entire scene his technique and his gear has evolved into a professional and entertaining act. In his short career he has performed in a number of famous and infamous clubs in Amsterdam and other places in Europe like Belgrade. During the TWSTd DJ-contest he has developed into a DJ who knows what he wants: Send the crowd home with the feeling of an awesome night, to tired to go to the afterparty. In this contest Jerry made it to the finals leaving 160 contestants behind him, in this finales he won the audience award.
Jerry his style is firm rolling techno with full bass-lines en hard kicks. He only comes for one thing: to rock the crowd.

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