DJ Heartstring

DJ HEARTSTRING are a Berlin based duo who bounced onto the scene in 2021 with their Trance Dance Music (TDM) sound, balancing a straight groove aimed at the dance floor with the occasional pop extravaganza.

One of Europe's most in-demand acts, their 2023 highlights include sets at AVA Festival, Thuishaven, Fly Open Air, PollerWeisen, Melt Festival, Rex Club, fabric - as well as an Australia & New Zealand debut where they played Pitch Festival’s main stage on the iconic Monday closing slot.

Achieving one of their biggest career milestones to date - the pair made their Boiler Room debut at AVA. Their livestreamed set - which crossed over 100k views in under a week - was put together playing out 100% HEARTSTRING material leaving fans eager for the slew of releases to come. This, combined with key remixes for artists including Romy and TDJ only further endorses their crowning as BBC R1 Future Dance Stars for 2023.

The duo’s high energy, bouncy, tear-jerking sets combined with their production output place them at the forefront of a global movement of music listeners and clubbers pining for increased bpms. A self-professed nightmare for techno purists, their addictive sound is heartfelt rather than calculated, over the top rather than understated and cheesy rather than taking itself too seriously.

Successfully launching their Teenage Dreams event series at various Berlin venues this year, the infectious duo are set to keep developing, and their aim is to bring everyone together and let it all out – cry, scream, dance, live, laugh, love. DJ HEARTSTRING are 4 the people.

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