DJ Koze

STEFAN KOZALLA aka DJ KOZE lives and works in Hamburg as a club DJ, musician (FISCHMOB, ADOLF NOISE, PONY) and remixer for 5 STERNE DELUXE, TOCOTRONIC, BLUMFELD and more of the finest German bands and projects. Recently he finished a remix for New York´s DJ PUNKROC and contributed a track to the highly acclaimed PIERRE HENRY remix album ²Variation² which also features WILLIAM ORBIT, FATBOY SLIM, COLDCUT and more. Within only a few years, DJ KOZE has slowly worked his way up through the German Hip-Hop scene. With his band FISCHMOB, he has released several successful records, steadily building up a strong fan base of young left-oriented people. He1s got a light, subtle approach and feel which belies the fact that he took home the Runner-Up prize at the DMC DJ Championships a scant few years ago. An especially notable voyage in to uncharted musical waters, ADOLF NOISE (produced and performed by DJ KOZE and FÜNF STERNE DELUXE1S MARCNESIUM) turned many a head around. Taking the artist into a deeper Electronic direction, ADOLF NOISE features a far more abstract and unusual use of samples and grooves while keeping the listener on his / her toes by incorporating liberal usage of football commentary, television show snippets, radio plays, and telephone terror with drug-delinquents. As a live DJ, KOZE builds his sets on house and disco tracks and uses his well-honed Hip Hop skills blending it all together in a furious mix, making it seem that the term ² House Rocking² was coined with him in mind. The readers of Germany1s trend-setting SPEX magazine correctly voted DJ KOZE the DJ Of The Year for 1999 and 2000 a well earned title, playing tons of shows all over the country and in different parts of the world. 1995: Fischmob - ey, Aller Fischmob - Bonanzarad (7") Fischmob - Männer können seine Gefühle nicht zeigen 1996: Adolf Noise - Wunden, s. Beine offen Fischmob - orange (12") 1997: Fischmob - the Doors of passion Fischmob - Tranquilo Fischmob - Triggerflanke 1998: Fischmob - Power Fischmob - Susanne zur Freiheit Fischmob - du äh du

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